Cities of France: Wars

Ski region Wars (Vars, www.vars.COM /) Lies a few south of the hyester, in the narrow valley of the Shan River.

The resort includes 4 mountain peak and several traditional Savoy villages – Saint-Marcelline (Saint Marcellin), Le Claux (Les Claux), St. Marie (Sainte-Marie) and Saint Catherine (Sainte-Catherine ). The ski zone lies between altitudes of 1650 and 2750 meters, going down to the villages of several rather gentle rolls, but at the upper parts of the route here are somewhat more complicated than in rizule (almost two-kilometer "Red" Descent, for example, comes from the peens of Peynier (2273 m) to the Saint Marie), but the long "Green" The track runs almost from the feature of Le Clo to Saint Marie (1650 m). At an altitude of 2400 meters, there is an excellent snowpark with an area of ​​8 hectares, and through the top of La Mayt (2580 m), you can get on the slopes of rizulya.

Wide Wars’s highways are ideal for high-speed descent, so here the World Cup on this discipline is often held here, and Y, Entonnoir, Virgule, Petit Col, Cache and Banane’s slopes with slopes 30-50 degrees are popular with freeriders. Unlike many other French resorts to get to these interesting sites, it is not necessary to use a helicopter – access is carried out by cables, although the top of the COL de VARS (2109 m) without "Vertushki" Get it all extremely difficult. In the valley and around the small picturesque lake Napoleon (LAs Napoleon), about 40 km of flat skiing with a drop of heights of about 450 meters was laid, and next to the main "Green" We can find the descent of about 2 km of special slopes for Sunny Sports and Toboggan.

Cities of France Vars

In the villages themselves are 4 commercial center, about a hundred different shops, restaurants and cafes. Spa hotels are able to take more than 1,500 people at the same time and by and large, no different from ordinary cozy places at any other French resort.

One-day Ski-Pass Foret Blanche for an adult will cost $ 31 for children aged 5 to 11 years old and pensioners (65-74 years) – 26 euros, 6 days – 153.5 and 131.5 euros, seasonal – 608 and 495 euros, respectively. There is an extensive system of discounts and special offers.

Cities of France Vars

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