Cities of France: Van

Vannes city, lying in the very center of the Northern Bay of the Bay of Morbian (Golfe de Morbihan), is the main tourist center of South Brittany. Modern van is so similar to the fashionable resorts of the Cote d’Azur, which is a small old town of Vie-Wan, surrounded by a fortress wall, looks like something alien here.

Once limited to the fortress shafts, the historic center is chaos of ancient streets and gardens surrounding a modest cathedral. And outside the old walls, the modern resort center with his crazy (by local standards, of course) traffic and dozens of cafes and restaurants.


Attractions of the city include Museum of Fine Arts, Located in the building of the Medieval Supreme Court (in which, by the way, in 1532 the act of the Union of Brittany with France was signed), Saint-Pierre Cathedral (XVII-XVIII centuries.), Museum of History and Archeology In the gloomy mansion XV century, Garden butterflies, as well as modern aquarium www.Aquarium-du-Golfe.COM, which is considered the best collection of tropical ichthyofauna in Europe.

Around the city

Across the water area of ​​the Bay of Morbian (from Breton Mor Bihan – "Little Sea") scattered tiny picturesque islands, 30 of which belong to various movie stars and businessmen, and two (Ile Aux Moines and Ile d’Arz) are connected with the coast of ferries and are used as public seabed resorts.

Special color of these places give all sorts of stone ruins, stone circles (including leaving deep under water) and lonely stone poles, obviously "Related" Megaliths Karnaka.

On the island Gavrini (Gavrinis), which lies in the throat of the bay, one can detect another world-famous historical monument – a megalithic structure in the form of a pyramid surrounded by embankment, inwards are tunnels decorated with petroglyphs. The nearest analogue of this amazing building is the Irish Complex of NewGranj (NewGrange), but there is no special benefit from such analogies – the appointment of both monuments is so fully and not found out.

The Lok Markacker underlying the west of the Peninsula has an amazing own microclimate – a fairly warm for pomegranates, dates, bougainvilleys and. The only vineyard in this part of Brittany. The coast here is sufficiently dirty and are subject to strong tides, so little suitable for swimming. But a little east of the beautiful golden sands beaches begin Sarzo, Saint-Zhilde de Rui, moving in the south in excellent shores Pyryak-sur-measure.

Reviews and studies of trips

Cities of France Van

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