Cities of France: Val Seni

One of the most popular French resorts – Val-Song WWW.Valcenis.COM / (Val Cenis) lies in the Maurienne valley (Haute Maurienne), at the foot of the Ronce Pick (RONCE, 3612 M) and Mont-Cenis Pass (COL DU Mont-Cenis, 2083 m). This is one of the most colorful French resorts – besides directly excellent slopes and beautiful landscapes, in a radius literally a dozen kilometers there are 100 mountain peaks with heights of more than 3000 meters, Vanuaz National Park, Lansel Bourg and Lanlevillar (Lanslevillard, distance between the villages 3 KM), picturesque mountain lake Mont-Seni, Glacier and mountain La Dan-Parasha (3683 m), Montenia Tunnel, Italian Border and Regional Natural Park D’Aviliana (Italy).

Val-Songy (1400 m) is considered one of "old" French resorts originating in the middle of the 20th century not as much as a purely ski, how much is minelocklimatic. Therefore, he retained a lot of elements of the old Savoy architecture, the traditional lifestyle and even cooking, and its relative (by local standards, of course), the littleness and the abundance of various slopes are attracted here the skiers of the most different levels. In total, 56 descents with a drop of 1400-2800 meters and a total length of more than 125 km are laid (20% – "Green", 31% – "blue", 40% – "Red" and 9% – "Black"). And one of the main temptations of Val-Songi – availability "blue" Trails from the highest point of the riding region and to the valley lodge, which allows newcomers to enjoy unique high-altitude landscapes and tracks, and it is almost impossible on other alpine resorts.

And at the same time here is the longest "green" Descent in Europe (well, or one of the longest) – Taliflometer route L’Escargot with a drop of heights from 2100 to 1400 meters. Therefore, for beginners, this zone is considered one of the best in the Alps, although experienced skiers will find a lot of interesting things here. The lower slopes of the slopes came down with a thick forest, which practically eliminates the descents from the wind and the bright sun, which means the snow cover lies quite steadily even in warm years. And at the same time, it limits the possibilities for incorporate riding – only at the heights of more than 2,100 meters can be detected excellent (albeit) plots for off-piste.

The slopes are serviced 172 snow guns and 30 lifts, and the latter due to the features of the local relief are organized very reasonably and stretch "from the node to the node", That is, between points, from where some tracks erect and others begin. Snowpark, Paragolding Club, Sunny Sport and Toboggan Club, Indoor Swimming Pool, Two Rockery, 3 kindergartens, Sports complex (pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Massage, Solarium, Gym), 46 km of pedestrian routes, Racing Racing Dog sledding (international championships are held regularly), ski schools, SPA-center, Piou-Piou Children’s Club (from 3 to 4 years old), 12 km of flat skiers, discos, many bars and restaurants (including 3 mountains). Also deserve the interests of the village of Lanlebib and Lanlevillar, in which many colorful historical buildings can be found, as well as supermarkets, sports centers, cinemas and other leisure facilities. Lake Mon-Song in winter serves as a peculiar roller and ski stadium, and in the summer – the center of active recreation and simple hikes.

Cities of France Val Seni

According to French standards, Val-Seni is considered inexpensive resort. The six-day ski pass 6 Jour Val Cenis (except the resort itself provides free access to the TERMIGNON-LA-VANOISE tracks) will cost 140 euros for adults (from 12 to 59 years old), 112 euros for children (from 5 to 11 years old) and 119 euros for pensioners (over 60 years), for 10 days – 190, 154 and 160 euros, respectively (prices change depending on the period of skating and month). For children under the age of 5 years and pensioners after 75 years, the subscription is free, but when buying is needed, a document confirming age.

Rent of the ski kit will cost 15-25 euros per day for adults and 7-15 euros for children, snowboard equipment – 18-25 and 10-17 euros, respectively. Group One-day classes in the ski school are approximately 186 euros for adults and 160-170 euros for children (if engaged only in the morning or only in the evening – 95-110 euros), individual classes (1-2 people) – 30-35 euros per hour or 200-210 euros for 6 days.

The resort area from Grenoble Airport is 170 km (about 2 hours by car), Chambery – 145 km (1.5 hours), Lyon – 245 km (2.5 hours) and Turin – 120 km (2 hours). On the bus or car you can get along the A6 highway (Paris – Lyon) and then on the highway A43 \ 32 (Lyon – Chambery – Turin) or Serpentine from the North through Albertville. Lanlebib lies just 24 km from Modane railway station, to which trains from Grenoble and Paris are held, as well as 130 km from Albertville, which can also be reached on the high-speed TGV train (4.5 hours from Paris). During the whole winter season, from 8.45 to 19.00, between Lanlevillar and Lanleburn (3 km) with a 20 minute interval runs a free bus.

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