France City: Shinon

Shinon City (Chinon) is located on the north bank of the Vienne River (Vienne), 12 km from the place of her merger with Laurea, and is surrounded by the best vineyards in the valley.


Low, but a long line of towers, walls and shafts of the same name is crowned by the top of a small mountain sang, stretching along the eastern outskirts of the city. The fortress on this place began to build a long before the arrival of the Romans more Celts, and to the times of Louis XIV, when the last bastions of this complex fortification complex were built, it was already the most impregnable Loire citadel, the favorite place of residence Henri Plantagenet (Heinrich II), the future king of England. It was he who in the XII century added a new castle to an ancient fortress, calling it Saint-George (Saint George) in honor of the Heavenly patron of Misty Albion.

In 1204-1205, the troops of the French king Philip-Augustea (Philip-August) take the fortress of the Siege, putting the end of the Power of Plantagenets over the Loire Valley, and two centuries later, the Future Carl VII was saved by Henry V English, who captured Paris and all rights on french throne. It was here that Zhanna d’Ark met with the future king and predicted a coronation in the Reimsky Cathedral. Therefore, is it worth surprising that Shinone Castle It takes a special place in the hearts of the French, and its extended defensive network, donzhon, Town hour and bussi, the ruins of Fort Saint-Georges and the Royal Region, Castle Chapel, Bastion Kudrea and Richelie, are converted on thousands of postcards.

Also interesting Museum of Art and History of Shinon and Mansion Meson de la Rivier With his amazing Museum of ships www.CPIE-VAL-DE-LOIRE.Org, famous wine cellars in the cave, as well as the east of the city of cave settlements, amazing Romanesque Saint-Nicola Church (XII B.) and House Museum Rabl In the former estate La Devinier 6 km south-west of the city.

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