Cities of France: Saint-Zherva

One of the oldest resorts of France, Saint-Jelva WWW.Ski-Saintgervais.COM / (Saint Gervais) lies in the lower part of the Chamonix Valley, above the Merge Place of the Rivers ABR and Bon-Nan. Since ancient times, these edges were famous for their mineral springs and the purest rivers running down from the Mont Blanc massif. In the XIX century, Saint-Zherwe-les-Ben was built here, which gave the beginning and modern resort, and the development of the Chamonix Valley as a whole. Now, in addition to the balneological complexes themselves, the infrastructure of the ski rest is intensively developing here, the stimulus of which is the picturesque ridge of Mont Joly Mountains (2525 m), which unites the riding areas of Megeless, Saint-Jelva and Saint-Nicolas de Veroc (Saint Nicolas de Veroc), as well as providing convenient access to three of the four riding areas of Evazon Monblan (Evasion Mont-Blanc) and other resorts of the region.

Saint-Zherwe – Saint-Nica region includes 49 tracks with a total length of more than 500 km (along with part of the parties between. Moreover, if Saint-Nicolas (1100 m) is more suitable for novice skiers (5% of the tracks – "Green", 41% – "blue", 45% – "Red" and 9% – "Black"), then Saint-Zhereva (850 m) can offer more diverse conditions (22% of the tracks "Green", 33% – "blue", 33% – "Red" and 11% – "Black"). At the same time, the tracks are laid very convenient and allow you to quickly change the level of complexity as it is descended and simply moving from the zone to the zone. Going along the Western slopes, you can get to the slopes of Megeless, and having yammed on the Eastern – to go out into the cozy Valley of Bon-Nan, whose slopes of frightened a beautiful coniferous forest. At the top of the south of the peak Mont Joly, there is a sufficiently common high-mountain range of skiing, which has, oddly enough, tracks "green" the level from which newcomers can observe all the beauty of the Mont Blanc massif, and experienced skiers – to warm up before "Red" Runs of the western slope. 46 lifts are used (27 in Saint-Jelva itself, together with Megeless – more than 110) and 210 snow guns. As a result, this resort is perfect for both a relaxed family holidays and more advanced skiers.

In addition, there is a modern indoor skating rink, a first-class snowpark (the stages of the country’s country championship are held regularly), the mighty track, 30 km of flat skiers, dozens of restaurants and bars, disco, nightclub, cinema, scenic church (XVIII in.) and old stone bridge, casino, two cinema and kids club. Well, of course, a whole set of thermal sources and balneological complexes. Interestingly, the villages themselves spread over the slopes of the valley quite freely, so from many hotels to the lifts will have to walk or go down on the funicular. But a number of tracks end up literally in the middle of the resort (in Saint-Zherva – on Le Chatelet Square, in Saint-Nicola – on Les Chattrix), so you can just ride directly in both stations.

Saint-Zhereva is considered an inexpensive alternative to the resorts of the Chamonix Valley (Megeless – 5-8 km, Chamonix – 25 km), and accommodation here, depending on the season, will cost 7-12% cheaper. You can use any ski pass of the combined zone and ride any of the resorts of Evazon Monblan. In this case, a one-day subscription Evasion Liberte (Saint-Gervais, Combloux, Les Contamines, Megeve and Saint-Nicolas de VeroCe) will cost 33.5 euros for adults (16-59 years old), 27 euros for children (5-14 years) and 30.5 euros for pensioners (over 60 years old), and six-day – in 183, 168 and 187 euros, respectively. One-day pass Evasion Mont Blanc (Saint-Gervais, Combloux, Les Contamines, Megeve, Saint-Nicolas De Veroce and Les Houches Plus Access to Mont Blanc Tramway Mountain Tramway) will cost about as much Euro respectively. There is a whole system of discounts and special offers.

Cities of France Saint-Zhere

Saint-Jherry Catania region lies in just 70 km (less than an hour by car) from Geneva Airport, from where regular bus tickets and taxi depart from. Also easy to get along the TGV railway line from Paris to Saint-Jelva himself.

Skiing season at the resort leaves from the middle – late December (often from the beginning of January) and lasts until the end of April. At the same time, Saint-Zhereva is considered a year-round resort, so you can find interesting seats for recreation at any time of the year.

Cities of France Saint-Zhere

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