Cities of France: Saint-Trope

The bay and town of Saint-Tropez (Saint-Tropez) are hardly needed. The former modest fishing village, grown around the port, based on a small peninsula more than the Greeks, until the beginning of the 20th century could boast only the luxurious thickets of cork oak, citadel and the famous victory of four seats over the Spanish fleet of 20 pennants in 1637 (so far in honor The colorful holiday of Bravada is satisfied with this event). However, in 1892, the famous artist Paul Xinyak settled here, which built a house here, in which Matisse, Bonnar, Mark, Dufis and other masters. As a result, by the beginning of the First World War, a quiet village turns into a bohemian place, and in the 1930s – in the cult place of the creative elite of France. In 1956, Roger Vadim removes his famous film here "And God created a woman" With Brimitt Bardo, and from now on the Saint-Tropez turns into a cult place, where the mushrooms grow celebrities villas, luxury clubs and fashionable restaurants.


Old port, Fully restored after its destruction during the Second World War, is a calling card of the town. Now this is a very picturesque object, surrounded by a luxurious cafe, with eternally scored expensive yachts of mariers and defiling on the embankment of the public in the dresses from Coutur. This is a very theatrical place that the French themselves are often dismissively name "Human zoo", But which is necessary to see at least for the preparation of personal opinion. But towering over the port Sufrena Castle (construction started at 980.), Ancient gate On the rue de la ponche and the outdoor area around Citadel Saint-Trope (XVI B., Now there is local Museum of History) Show the true face of the town.

Amazing Museum Annionyad (open daily, except Thursday, from December to June – from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00; from July to October – from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00; The entrance – 5.5 euros), located in the former XVI century chapel on the Georges-Grammont Square directly near the port, demonstrates the artworks of many artists, for whom Saint-Tropez was inspiration. And a little further from the port, on the Rue Etienne Berny, is located Meson-des-Papillon (Museum of butterflies, Open from April to October, from Monday to Saturday, from 14.30 to 18.00; The entrance is 3 euros) with 4500 copies of these insects, including many rare and disappearing varieties.


Another "Polyus Life" Saint-Tropez – Square des lices With her fashionable bars, restaurants and cafes – lies south of the old port. Nearby, at the foot of the Citadel, is the easiest accessible beach of the town – Les-Grande. From here the coastal boulevard leads around the bay of Canbier to small and almost always crowded beaches Cap Saint-Pierre, Bon-Teras, Cap-Cane-Tropez, Le-Salen (Les Salin) and the famous Tahiti-Plage (This is 11 km from the center).

From the edge of the latter begins almost a straight-five-meter segment of the beach Pampelon – Recognized Topless Recreation Center, framed by the endless line of bars and restaurants. Well, countless villas and boutiques, ultra-coated yachts and star boulevards, luxurious limousines and nightclubs, fashionable hotels and the most exotic entertainment – all this is used here so much that it does not cause the regulars of these places no emotions.


You should avoid visiting Saint-Tropete in the summer, especially ground transport – many hours of traffic jams on the road, crowds of people around the port, and the shores during this period are not the cleanest. It is better to come in spring or autumn – it is during this period that it is easy to understand why this place has such an attraction for many millions of tourists.

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Cities of France Saint-Tropez

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Cities of France Saint-Tropez

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