Cities of France: Saint-Lo

Lying 60 km south of Cherbour and 50 km west of Kana Saint-Lo City (Saint-Lo) with the filing of an outstanding Irish writer Samuel Beckett is often called "Capital Ruins" – Various memorial sites are really found here literally everywhere.

An old town, founded by more than the Gallam in the IV-V centuries, in June 1944, was literally erased from the face of the Allied bombers, and 95% of his characteristic fach-style buildings turned into ruins. Some of them restored with stunning love, but many disappeared forever.


The most famous monuments include Gate of an old prison On the main square of the city (the tragic monument to the members of the French resistance, executed by the Nazis, although the prison itself was still destroyed by the Allied bombs), carefully restored Cathedral Notre Dame (XII-XV centuries., part of his western wall still lies in ruins), fragments of old Fortress Walls, including Boy Regar Towers and Pudhry (both – XIII-XV centuries.), church Abbey Sacre Cour (XII B., Chorals – XVI in., Bell Tower – XV-XIX BB.), rich Museum of Fine Arts (open from Wednesday on Sunday, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00; entrance – 2 euros), the biggest Farm carnations in Europe I Memorial complex of the hospital Saint-Lo with frescoes Fernana leached.

South city can be visited surrounded by luxury gardens Majestic Church of Shapel-sur-Vir, being a popular pilgrimage site.

Around the city

Cities of France Saint-Lo

5 km east of the castle Toriny-sur-Vir, The residence of Princes Grimaldi before they founded Monaco.

In the eastern end of the winding gorge of the Vir River rises railway Viaduk La Sulwer, Developed by Gustav Eiffel, near which the Extreme Club WWW is currently operating.ajhackett.Fr.

28 km west of Vira lies the town Wilde Les-Poem (Villadieu-Les-Poeles) – one of 12 bell tower centers in Europe and the famous center of mastermaster masters.

Cities of France Saint-Lo

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