Cities of France: Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Beautiful sandy bay and the magnificent old quarter of Saint-Jean-de-Luza resort (St-Jean-De-Luz, Donibane Lohitzun) gave him the glory of one of the best places to relax on the Atlantic coast of France. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is also one of the most crowded tourists of seaside cities, especially – in the peak season.

As the only natural harbor between Arcachon and Spain, Saint-Jean-de-Luza was the main port of the southwest coast for centuries and a large whaling center. Even now, he remains one of the most active fishing ports of France, delivering to the market for first-class Anchovs and Tuna.


The wealth of marigold traditions is obviously traced in numerous mansions of the XVIII-XIX centuries, among which Meson Louis-XIV (Built for Lobak dynasty in 1635., But renamed after the young king Louis lived here for a month in 1660.) and Meson de L’infanta. Also deserve attention Town Hall, Saint-Jean-Batist Church (the largest temple in the Basque part of France), Headquarters Herzoga Wellington On the Rue Mazarin and the main shopping street of the city – Gambetta.

Around the city

On the other hand, the mouth of the Nivelle River (Ciboure, Ziburu) is located, which seems to be a continuation of Saint Jean, but actually a separate flight.

Cities of France Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Also around the town is worth a visit Castle d’tyurtubier www.Chateaudurtubie.NET (XIV in., Now here is the hotel) 3 km south-west of Saint Jean, good Beach Enday Near the Spanish border, located on the nearby cape of the fancy castle d’Paddy (XIX centuries.) and extensive reserve south of him, picturesque mountain villages La Rune (La Rhune, Larrun), Askin (ASCAIN, AZKAINE), SAP (Sare, SARA) and Eno, or Ainoa (Ainhoa).

You can climb on the Niva Navarre, Behe ​​Nafarroa (Basse Navarre, Behe ​​Nafarroa) and visit the old resort town Kambo-le-Bain (Cambo-Les-Bains, a well-known Tuberculosis Treatment Center and the Favorite Place of Recreation of the English King Eduard VII), a beautiful mountain village Espalet (Espelette), known as the homeland of the flow – ancient Basque breed of low horses, a delightful village Essasu, Or then (itxassou), with the small church of the XVII century, the village Laey (LAXIA) with an extensive ancient cemetery, a medieval bridge Pont-d’Deven through the Niv in the town Bidard (Bidarray, Bidarrai) – an excellent starting point for hiking on Pyrenees, as well as "Wine capital" Region – Village Saint-Etien de Bajigorry (Saint-Etienne-de-Baigorry, Baigorri), which produces a famous variety of wine of Irulgi, or Irulegi (IRULEGUY, IRULEGI – the name is taken on behalf of the village lying in 5 km north).

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