Cities of France: Rocamadour

The picturesque town of Rocamadour (Rocamadour), lying in a deep, similar to the Canyon Valley of the Alza River, is considered the main attraction of these places, although recently it is literally overflowing with religious pilgrims, tourists and merchants.


Symbols of the city – Located in the city Cathedral Chapel-Notre Dame (XII-XVI centuries.) Statue of black Madonna, visible from the cliff over the entrance to the chapel sword – According to local legends, this is the legendary (in French is the name of the female genus) Durandal Roland, as well as extensive Cars system GUFFR de Padirak (www.Gouffre-de-Padirac.COM) northeast urban outskirts.

You can also visit Museum of Religious Art, ancient Fortress shafts, which offer a stunning panorama of the city and valleys, as well as Rosh-des-Egla bird breeding center (www.RocherDesaigles.COM) and located on the plateau Forest Forest (www.LA-FORET-DES-SINGES.COM), in the territory of which there are more than hundreds of adverse macak (Macaca Sylvana).

Around the city

Slightly east of the town Saint-Serya (Sent Cere), famous for its ancient buildings and ruins of the Castle Saint-Lauren-Lez-Tour, in one of the impressive bastions of which is now located Studio Museum of the artist Jean Liesa.

Reviews and studies of trips


Shortly before the trip about Rocamadura, I did not hear at all. This place is not particularly unwound with us, but in France, this is one of the top townships receiving 1.5 million. tourists per year. Read more →

Cities of France Rocamadour

Andreimos | Summer 2014

Rocamadour. City in cleft

So – I present to your attention Rocamadour. A charming photo in the Dorling Kindersley Travel Guide – and this little town was included in the route list of our journey. We traveled to him, infinitely looting the valley of the Dordogne River and her tributaries. Read more →

Mr. Rastrapovich | September 2010

Rocamadour village

Rocamadur village is something exemplary, it is necessary to see this normally in TV, in the transfer of the club of travelers, but the voiding visible is just stunning. To whom and why almost 900 years ago came to mind to settle on the cliffs? They could not assume that in the 20th century people broke through and their village will become an attractive place for thousands of tourists? This is about from the same opera as the Czech Kuznitz – there, too, just tried to get along the place of thousands of burials, and now buses with tourists lacking parking space. Read more →

Cities of France Rocamadour

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