Cities of France: Deauville

Deauville (Deauville, www.Deauville.ORG) – the prestigious seaside resort, relevant over the past year. He acquired its popularity thanks to multiple film festivals of international importance, which are held in this city annually, as well as several large riding competitions on horseback and yacht sports.

Modern Deauville is a historic city center, wide sandy beaches, a modern marina for servicing yachts, as well as numerous hotels and restaurants.

Home Historic Sightstitality – Almost two-kilometer Magnificent Wooden Promenade des Planches, with spa complex La Terrasse and multicolored umbrellas on the beach.

Numerous guests and visitors of the Deville film festivals will not be afraid International Center, Opened in 1992, – a modern complex, which hosts Asiatic Film Festival and American Film Festival.

Glory among Beaujda Deauville acquired at the end of the XIX century, when Count de Morney built Hippodrome And he began to hold races on it and in winter, and in the summer. He also invested in the construction of the railway branch between Paris and Dovial, thanks to which the latter became the most affordable seaside resort for Parisian. Visit also stands building Elie de Brignac, where horse auctions used to be held, and the theater was now organized.

LA BRELOQUE – House of Impressionist Eugene Budena (EUG&# 232; Ne Boudin), and Villa Strassburger – The historic building of 1907, which belonged to Baron Henry Rothschild and later purchased by the American millionaire Ralph Beaver Strasburger. No less interesting building Casino, Built in 1864.

Dovilizl along with the neighboring villages of Trouville-sur-Mer (Trouville) and Cabourg (Cabourg) form Balbec coast (Balbec).

Near the city is Deauville-Saint-Gatien Airport.

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Cities of France Reville

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Cities of France Reville

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