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The capital of Brittany – the small town of Rennes, Roazhon lies almost on the hypotenneus triangular in the plan of the peninsula, at the merger site of the Il River (Ille) and Villeine (Vilaine).

For the city, which was the capital of Brittany since 1532, the architectural appearance is quite simple and atypical for the capitals of the French regions. All Wine devastating fire of 1720, which erased from the face of the Earth almost all the historic core of the city, except for the lying just on the Arrow of the River River Lez-Foxes (Les Lices). The reconstruction of the city was assigned to the Paris architects, and in the end the whole northern part of Ren became peculiar "Patchwork blanket" Of the extensive areas in the classic style of the 18th century, with inclusions of small streets and alleys, built-up with semi-breeding buildings, reminiscent of the architecture of the first.


The old part of the city, limited to the canal in the West and the river in the south, lies beyond the city Gate Mordales with two towers and Divorced bridge, northeast of which old quarters of lez-fox, In which every Saturday opens a live street market Les Halles Martenot (XIX B.) – one of the largest in France.

One of the few buildings who avoided the fire of 1720, is the palace Palae du Palemlen (Parliament Palace) on Rue Hoche. However, he was also almost destroyed by a very strange fire in 1994 (arson suspected Breton fishermen, whose demonstrations were literally seized in the city) and still restored (the overall reconstruction is almost completed, and now various exhibitions are regularly held here). From the palace, you can go on the picturesque embankment of the Vilen River, which flows through the center of Rena in the form of a canal clad. In the southern shore is Museum of Fine Arts (open daily, except Monday, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00; Entrance – 5.3 euros) with its excellent collection of works of old masters and local impressionists.

The sights of the city are also surrounded by the picturesque semi-day houses of the XVI-XVIII centuries. Saint-en, Tower Jean-Duchiene (XVI B.), old (XV in.) Fortress shafts east of Gallo-Roman fortifications on Rallier-Du-Baty Square, former Basilica Saint-Yves (now there are a turboo and Historical Rena Museum), Saint-North Basilica, CENT-AN (Church, Hospital and Women’s Monastery XIV in.), Notre Dame Cathedral and Saint-Michel Church (XI-XVII centuries.), Majestic Palace of Justice, rich Museum of Brittany www.Musee-Bretagne.Fr, Palace of science in "Palace Museums" Shamp-Libre and Magnificent Park Tabor. Also deserve attention Moto E-Madame Promenade (XVII B.), Saint-Georges Palace With beautiful park, Town Hall and Opera On the Square of the same name, Saint-Germain Church With the pedestrian bridge of the same name and nearby Museum of contemporary art On the embankment of Emil Zol, Palace of Champs Jacques and Mercure Hotel complex.

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Cities of France Ren

30 km to the west of Ren, the forest was spread FOR-DE PAMPON www.Broceliande-Tourisme.Info, more famous under its ancient name knoselin (stopped), – Merlin’s legendary forest. The most popular tourist sites here are the village Foal Pansa with nearby "Source of Merlin" – Fontan de Bartenton, pond Pa-du-y, Valley Val-Sans Retur ("Valley, from where you do not return") and Thinventory (Here is an amazing church of the same name in the simplicity and grace of finishes), the so-called "Tomb Merlin", Oak Guiloten (according to the estimates of scientists to him more than a thousand years), rocks Roche-Des-Fo-Amant, locks Computer (Now the Arturovsky Center WWW is located here.Centre-Arthurien-Brceliande.COM) I Trekeson, As well as many picturesque tracks, as if specially laid through the most beautiful places of this forest park, almost every corner of which is well known to Bretons on ancient legend.

Also worth visiting the Citadel Fuber, Vitre and Dol de Brittany. Moreover, the town Vitre (30 km to the east of Ren) is considered to be a direct competitor Dinan as one of the best of all the preserved medieval cities of Brittany, and a huge cathedral Dol de Brittany (42 km north of Ren) is surrounded by a whole complex of medieval buildings in a characteristic local style. Many attract a legend here about the allegedly obsessed from the island of Mont-Dol, guarding the city from the sea, the battle between Archangel Mikhail and the Devil. Now the top of the rock crowned the granite tower with a white statue of Madonna with a baby, and a tiny chapel stands slightly below the slope.

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