Cities of France: Poitiers

The Capital of the Vienne Department is considered a business card of the region of Poitou-Sharanta (Poitiers), lying on a low plateau between the Rivers of Maple and Buvr.

This quiet provincial city has a unique own appearance formed during the years of stay of the Duchy of Aquitan. Even externally, it is somewhat different from other regional capitals of France with a clear planning of wide boulevards, with which sometimes unimaginable bending narrow streets of old quarters, the abundance of palaces and churches, pedestrian zones and gardens, as well as characteristic stone-wooden houses, which are somewhat different in their own way Style from the graders of the northeastern regions of the country.


Two poles of public life of the city – by trees Square Lechelerk with its numerous cafes and living atmosphere and Square de Gaulle In the north, where the big market is eternally (open daily from 7.00 to 13.00). Between these two objects and the majority of attractive buildings of the city are concentrated, among which especially stand out Palace of Justice (open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00; Entrance free), whose facade of the XIX century hides much more ancient interiors, among which the famous Gothic Grand Hall (XIII in.). One of the largest and colorful churches of France is located very close – Notre Dame-La Grand (XII-XVI centuries., Open daily from 8.30 to 19.00), Western fronton whose summer is highlighted by multicolored spotlights every night.

Cities of France Poitiers

In the eastern part of the old town rises a huge Saint-Pierre Cathedral (XII-XIV BB., Open daily, from May to September – from 8.00 to 19.thirty; From October to April – from 8.00 to 18.00), except for the original finish, famous for its Organ Organ Orgue Clicquot (XVIII in.) where there are often concerts in the summer period for everyone. Opposite the cathedral there is a squat square building with the appearance of a second-delivery Roman temple – Baptistery Saint-Jean (middle of the 4th century!) – The oldest Christian temple in France, until the XVII century, which was the only place in the city where baptism rite was held. Between the Cathedral and Baptistery is a small domed complex Espas-Mendez France with small Children’s Museum of Science and Technology www.MAISON-DES-SCIENCES.ORG and modern Planetarium. And then, within the same place, Jean-Zhores, is located Saint-Cra City Museum www.Musees-Poitiers.ORG, famous for its historical and ethnographic collection.

Upstream in the direction of the bridge of Cen-Cypros begins well-groomed gardens, running down to the river itself, and in the southern part of the old city there is a big Park Blossak. Nearby there is a real pearl – UNESCO World Heritage List Saint-Laer-le Grand Church (XI B.). Also deserve attention Church of Sant Radhamin (V B., Saint Redehat, in the world Queen and wife Lothar I – Heavenly Patrone Poitier) with underground chapel, in which the tomb is this holy, Museum of Fine Arts and Architecture, Botanical Garden, as well as famous Academy Poitier, founded in 1431.

Cities of France Poitiers

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