Cities of France: Perpignan

The main city of Rosyssillon and the Administrative Center for the Eastern Pyrenees Department – the city of Perpignan (Perpignan, Perpinya) lies on the Tet River, 13 km from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and 31 km north of the Franco Spanish Border. Based approximately in the VII century. NS. (The first mentions belong to 927 g.) The city has an explicit Spanish charm to which for the last century an equally visible African flavor added.


Rather chaotic and not always understandable at first sight, he can give a traveler with a lot of interesting places, including tiny Fort Le Castile (Many names and names are pronounced here to Spanish Lad), built as the gate in the XIV century, and now holds interesting Museum of Catalan Culture Casa Penal (Opened from Wednesday Monday, from May to September – from 10.00 to 19.00; From October to April – from 11.00 to 17.thirty; entrance – 4 euros), Area de la Loge with sensual Statue of Venus Works of Aristide Maolet in the center, Gothic building Lodg-de-Mer (1397 g.) and Town Hall XVI century in the neighborhood, as well as the palace Palae de lae deputy, in which the Rosyssillon Parliament once was located.

Northeast Square de la Loge rises Cathedral Saint-Jean (XIV B.) with unusual external walls built from alternating stripes of river stones and bricks, and one of the oldest cemeteries of France – Campo-Santo (now used for spending summer concerts). South of the cathedral begins the labyrinth of old quarters Maglian and Romani With a variety of isolated areas and narrow alleys filled with bears and cafes of immigrants from Africa. And the north you can detect elegant Saint-Jacques Church (Approximately 1200 g.) and broken at the site of old urban walls Gardens La Miranda.

Twenty-minute walk to the southwest will lead to the main entrance to the walls Palace Kings Majorca (XIII-XVII centuries.), crowning a hill that dominates the southern part of the Old Town. Nearby is a good Museum Rigo, Dedicated to the work of the local portraitist Hasinta Rigo, who was the official painter of Versailles at the end of the XVII century.

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Cities of France Perpignan

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Cities of France Perpignan

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