Cities of France: Paris

The cultural center of France is definitely noisy and chaotic Paris – the capital of France from the X century. NS., literally flooded by millions of tourists from around the world. The city is located on average the river of the Sena, in the very center of Il de France, and the date of its foundation is usually considered the end of the I century n. NS., When the foot of the Hill Saint-Geneva on the island of Sita appeared the first Roman settlement of Lutection. Now within the administrative borders of Paris (largely unchanged, by the way, about 2.1 million people live from 1860). but "Urban" (city oblast) extends far beyond the limits of official borders, and there are already about 10 million inhabitants here, which forms one of the most densely populated metropolitan regions in Europe. An important political center for almost two thousand years now, in our days, Paris is one of the leading business and cultural centers of the planet, and its influence in politics, education, the entertainment industry, fashion, science and art is truly tremendous. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ company estimates, Paris agglomeration is the most powerful industrial center of Europe and the fifth in the size of the gross domestic product in the world.

Hotels Paris

Paris love so much and visiting tourists that hotels in the city are really a lot. Suffice to say that on Travel.RU You can booked more than 3 thousand Paris hotels for every taste.

Cities of France Paris

A distinctive feature of hotels, and any other residential premises in Paris – their compactness. Rooms, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, corridors, elevators and staircases literally tiny, and often the tourists have the feeling that in Paris hotels and apartments – very closely. And, the closer to the city center, the less. expensive.

Of course, a special chic is to spend the night in a 5-star hotel in Paris. But it is worth noting that 4 star hotels may not be worse. After all, even recently in France, the highest category of hotels was 4 stars, and many still have not moved to a new system, attracting tourists with high service and more affordable price. Budget hotels, hostels, mini-hotels and apartments in Paris will enhance all.

Cities of France Paris

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