Cities of France: ONFLER

Laying directly opposite the city of France: Gavrgava City-Port Onfleur (Honfleur) is considered one of the most authentic settlements of the region, which retained its charm due to. lack of sea.

Over the ages, the river fees are so distant to the sea from the once noisy berths of the Old Town, which numerous coastal mansions of the XVIII century were quite far from the water. However, the ancient port, who else, who had yet come to the colonization of the new light, still functions thanks to the constantly clearing channel, and the harbor is still filled with fishing boats, which have long been retrained to the walking vessels.


Old urban center around Vie-Basen Everything is also attractive with its several asymmetric slate buildings. Be sure to visit Saint Etienne Church (now is located here Maritime Museum) and colorful old warehouses of the XVII century behind it in which now is Museum of Viea-Onefleur, Museum of Ezhena Budena (MONE teacher and one of the hedlers of impressionism), bell tower Saint Catherine Church (The whole complex is built of wood in the XVI century) and House-Museum of Composer Eric Sati.

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Cities of France Onfleur

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Cities of France Onfleur

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