Cities of France: Nevers

Approximately 60 km west of Massiva Morevan, on the most western border of Burgundy, lies a small provincial city of Nevers, or Nevers (Nevers), – the capital of the Nyevre Department (NIEVRE).

Cities of France Nevers

For many centuries, the city is considered to be the birthplace of French porcelain and confectionery business. In addition to numerous porcelain "shops" (Local Masters still adhere to the traditional workshop organization) and elegant (and expensive!) stores selling all the same "Blue porcelain", Here you can see the old bridge over Loire, from which the beautiful view of the old part of the city and the embankments are located, completely built up the mansions of the XIV-XVII centuries; Elegant Ducal Palace (XII-XVII centuries.) with octagonal turrets, stunning Cathedral of Cen-Sir-Saint-Juli (XII-XVI centuries., His facade with numerous ridges is considered a kind of collection of French architectural styles of the X-XVI century period.) and the last fragment of old urban fortifications – Tower of Portou Du-Cra (XIV., Now there is a collection of an archaeological museum). Cult places are also considered the Church of Saint-Etienne (IX-XI centuries.), Women’s monastery of Cen-Zhildar with Mausoleum Bernadetta Lourdskaya in his chapel, as well as the Triumphal Arch of Porta de Paris (XVIII in.) In honor of one of the most significant events of the Middle Ages – the battle of Fontainau (841 g. N. NS.), which marked the beginning of the separation of the once unified Empire of Chalmsman to Future France and Germany.

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