Cities of France: Nancy

Nancy city (Nancy) Lies in the Mörta and Moselle Department, on the Mörthe River (Meurthe) and Canal Marna – Rhine. Unlike the rest of the Lorraine, this ancient (based on approximately in the VI-VIII centuries.) The city was not busy with Penglishs after the defeat of 1870, so his historical center remained almost not affected by the war.

Old Town with its narrow and curvators, repeating the contours of the ancient fortress walls, and numerous old mansions are the main point of attraction. Here you can see the impressive Complex of the Town Hall, nearby Museum of Fine Arts (open daily, except Thursday, from 10.30 to 18.00; Login – 6 euros) and the Aquarium Museum (open daily from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00, entrance – 3.8 euros), the classic palace Pale-du-Juzhemen (the old residence of Governor Lorraine, XVIII in.) and the palace-dukal palace lying behind him (XV-XVI centuries.) in which Lorraine Museum is now located, combined with the Museum of Cordurie, whose collections are located right there, in the former palace chapel and church. On the other hand, the governor’s palace spread out the picturesque park of La Pepinier – a kind of mixture of classic French garden, an English park and a zoo, whose pets are freely walking on lawns. Just half an hour on foot southwest from the station, you can find an excellent Museum of Ecol with an exciting assembly of the Art Nouveau style.

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School Museum, Nancy

If the lyceum move through a narrow street and dive into the friendly open wicket. Go through a pedestrian crossing, dive into the gate, go to the house. it "School Museum". Read more →

Cities of France Nancy

Old pionear | Spring 2016

Nancy. Square Stanislav

Stanislav Leshchinsky for his 88 years of life managed a lot. In history remained like the duke of Lorraine. His board was the era of prosperity and the magnificence of the capital of Lorraine city of Nancy read more →

New Year’s holidays, nancy

Attending French cities (and small and large) very comfortable: everywhere there are signs that guide you to the city center (Center Valle). Nancy has a richest story. Read more →

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