Cities of France: Metz

The capital of Lorraine and the Department of Moselle – the city of Metz (Metz, the French call him Mass) is located on the eastern shore of the Mozer River. The appearance of the city belongs to the Roman period, when a fortified town was defeated on the site of modern Metz, who controlled the intersection of trading routes. After the death of Karl, the Great City becomes the capital of Lothar’s empire, in the Middle Ages proclaims itself as an independent republic, which remains before entering France (1552 g.).

Large border city, Metz moved on his century more assault, siege and destruction than any other city of France. Therefore, it is not surprising that the only really important attraction remains the magnificent Cathedral of Saint-Etien de Metz (XIII-XVIII centuries.), beautifully highlighted at night. Also in this city and garden, as often called Metz for the abundance of greenery, it is worth visiting Ville-Alleman – a strict and very well-keeled German quarter with his impressive buildings, more like small fortresses, Esplanada gardens over the Moselle, the beautiful classic Palace of Justice, Old Arsenal (Nowadays – the prestigious concert hall of L’Arsenal), the tiny island of Comedy with his classic area of ​​the 18th century, the theater (the oldest in France) and the striking Protestant church in the German style, Gothic galleries on Saint Louis Square, luxurious old hill mansions Saint-Crook, a massive double gate of Pore-de-Alemah, who once defended Eastern entrance to the medieval city, the Museum of Cur-d’Or (excellent collection of the sculpture of the Gallo-Roman period), as well as an excellent art museum, when expanding which The 1930s were found by Roman terms, which are now one of the exhibits of the museum.

There are many interesting historical sites around the city, among which the Museum of Motorcycles and Bicycles (more than 200 exhibits, and all – on the go!) and balneological complex "Thermopolis" In Boua de Calanj, the famous Verden (70 km west of Metsa) with His Cathedral Notre Dame (XIV-XVI centuries.), the underground galleries of the citadel and the center of the world and the right in the former Palace of the Bishop, as well as numerous fields of battles and memorials of the times of both world wars, as the famous Maginos line – one of the largest (and useless!) defensive bands ever built by a person (more than 400 km long, 39 long-term defensive structures, 70 bunkers, 500 caasemates and almost 1,500 km of tranches, moves of communication and gun sites), open to visit Fermon forts (50 km north of Verdena), in, Dunamon and Suvil (5 km east of Verden), as well as Fort Fleury, in which the memorial museum is now located (open daily, in February-March and from mid-November to mid-December – from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00; From April to mid-September – from 9.00 to 18.00; From mid-September to mid-November – with 9.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00; Login 5 euros).

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Metz (France)

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Cities of France Mets

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Cities of France Mets

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