Cities of France: Lourdes

The main point of attraction in the foothills of the Pyrenees is the ancient Lourdes (Lourdes, 37 km south-east of the software) – one of the most important centers for religious pilgrimage in Western Europe.

More than seven million pilgrims arrive here every year, and today the city is almost fully focused on servicing their needs. Until 1858, Lourdes was a small village in the Valley of the Gav de Pau (Gave de Pau). But in that year, 14-year-old daughter of the poor local Melnik Bernadett Subirus was the vision of the Virgin Mary, and since then, people who hoping for healing from severe diseases began to flow into Lourdes, and in 1933, the girl itself was canonized under the name of Saint Bernadetta.


At the site of the cave Grote de Mazabel, Where the girl was the first time Virgo Maria (later another 18 such wonders were recorded), the temple was towering Notre Dame de Lourdes With Basilica Roser and Imacle-Concepcion (1871-1883.) who are hiding caves, in one of which is a source "wonderful" water, supposedly and bringing healing from all diseases (there are six female and eleven men’s fonts around, and the water itself serves as the main "export commodity" cities). Also includes the complex Saint-Michel Bridge, Esplanade Processions, Huge underground Saint-Sep-Pi-X Basil (1958.) and altar with the statue of the Virgin Mary in the cave of Masabel, as well as nearby Wax Museum Greens (more than 100 figures illustrating the life of Bernadett and Christ).

In addition, many pilgrims and tourists visit places associated with the most Saint Bernette, – her native home, house cormalitsa log in which the girl was brought up in connection with the plight of his native family, the Cake and the school in which she studied.

Cities of France Lourdes

The only secular landmark of Lourda is lock XIV century, towering on the rocky bead east of the river valley. Now on its territory is amazing good Museum of Pyrene, In whose meeting includes extensive expositions by nature, history and culture of the region, as well as on the history of mountaineering.

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Cities of France Lourdes

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