Cities of France: Lorient

The fourth largest city of Brittany, Lorient (Lorient) www.Lorient-Tourisme.FR lies on the West Bank of a big natural harbor, protected from the ocean island of the Groom (Ile de Groix).

The city was founded in the middle of the XVII century as the basic port of French colonial possessions and for a long time was one of the richest ports of the country. He would have remained so so far, however, during the German occupation, 1940-1945 was almost completely destroyed.


The only significant reminder of his ancient marine glory remains the base of the French nuclear submarine yes old fishing trawler "La Talassa", Porto and employee Marine and Oceanography Museum. Nearby rises pretty gloomy Museum of Indian company, which local residents are called "Museum of imperialism". They are still a lot of carefully restored old mansions and are, in fact, the sights of the city itself. However, many residents of Loriaan consider another business card of the city picturesque Broj Island, Protecting the entrance to the bay and the most popular holiday destination in nature.

Cities of France Lorient

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