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Located a little south of Morzin village Le – Les Gets, WWW.Lesgets.COM) is considered a recognized family recreation center with Familie Plus status. It is usually considered part of the combined zone of Catania Morzin – les, since two valleys are connected with each other and geographically, and a single network of lifts, and climbing the mountain of Le Ranfolly from Morzin, can be descended in the le – and vice versa. But according to its characteristics, the LEX (1170 meters above sea level) is noticeably different from "neighbor" – The valley here is as it were, and steep oriental slopes are moving to enough gentle and wide lines of Pointe de Chery mountain (1826 m), ideally suitable for beginners. The infrastructure les is suitable for children of different ages. Baby gardens work, on a simple highway Le Grand Cry you can play with the Indians, an ice rink is open. And a variety of entertainment activities are held regularly.

In addition, the le – also has its own departure to the Geneva AutoTra├če (this is one of the nearest resorts to the airport of Geneva, the transfer to it takes about an hour), which allows you to get into it, bypassing Morzin.

Ski rest

Heights here oscillate from 1172 to 2002 meters, so the bias of 50 local trails are small (however, to separate the descents of the lesin’s tracks often can not be local residents), but the longest "blue" The track from the top of Le Ranfolly has a length of 6 km (total slopes – 110 km). On the solar southern slopes there are about two dozen simple trails for beginners, a slagistic stadium and the so-called gliss’district for snowboarders and freestylers. But on the northern slope stretched several "Red" Descents and clarity sites (ride here is recommended only with experienced guides – the area is avalanchestin). Well, of course, do not forget about the easiest accession of Morzin’s tracks and other nearby resorts.

There are several ski schools for all ages.

Skating with children

Gaming track Le Grand Cry (Grand-Cree, the territory of the Indian Chip Cree) is ideal for children from 5 to 12 years. It includes herself sections of minislavloma, skiing with music, pads and wigvama hut. Indians-Animators pretending to beginner skiers playing with children in the search for treasures. Those who fulfill the ritual dance before totem will record on video that can be published on social networks.

MAPPY Zone (Mappie) – allows you to learn skiing in full safety and absolutely free. A gentle slope is equipped with two moving tracks and two rope lifts.

La Piste Mauve Milka Track, introducing riding an alpine terrain, decorated with animal figures in full size and explanatory scoreboard with images typical of these places. Flora and fauna.


After skis, you can ride a rink, visit the recreation center with an indoor swimming pool or numerous sports clubs. There are many shops, restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs. But in general, it is a calm and enough quiet resort, so nightlife lovers better focus on nearby Morzin. But accommodation in numerous hotels and chalets of the resort is somewhat cheaper than in Morzin, and there is a whole system of all kinds of discounts.

In March, the Rock The Pistes festival is held at the resort (WWW.Rockthepistes.COM).

Family holiday

Spot’les Gets ( / glisse-ski / spotlesgets /) – an interactive game, the territory of which is the whole resort le. Responding to questions and riddles hidden on the tracks, players earn crystals. Game spots are located on three ski slopes and two hiking. Participants are waiting for the most expert time, statuses in social networks, ratings and, of course, prizes.

On the season every Wednesday after 17:00 families with children are waiting in the Machine Museum (WWW.Musicmecalesgets.ORG). In the classroom there is a session of dating with special musical instruments. Guests learn about how the shaman and mechanical piano work, how music is extracted from pipes, fur, perpoked disks and tongues. The cost of visiting is 3 euros.

In a pottery workshop, children from 6 to 12 years old will be allowed to tinker with clay and blind figurine, and older visitors will be able to make a mug or pot on a pottery circle. Each guest his product will be burned to keep up. The cost of visiting is 20 euros per hour, it is necessary to pre-book.

Cities of France le

In a carpentry workshop "Forest kids" Classes with children conducts an experienced master.

SAPABA is a ceramics painting workshop. A visit is possible daily after lunch. Prices – from 6 to 60 euros, depending on the product chosen for painting.

Also with children you can spend time in chocolate confectionery.


The cost of one-day ski pass Les Gets – Morzine is an adult – 29 euros, for a child – 23 euros, for a pensioner – 25 euros, for 6 days – 146, 110 and 117 euros, respectively. Six-day ski pass Les Portes du Soleil (650 km of trails; Morzine, Avoriaz, Les Gets, Montriond, Chatel, La Chapelle, Abondance, St.Jean d’Aulps and Swiss resorts: Champery, Les Crosets, Val d’Illiez, Champoussine, Morgins, Torgon) will cost an adult (16-59 years old) in 189-200 euros, for a child (5-15 years old) – 127- 134 euros, pensioners (over 60 years old) – 151-160 euros, for 13 days – 320-340, 214-228 and 256-272 euro, respectively. Ski passes for children under 6 years are free.

Ecology in the le

At the resort of the les, local residents are very worried about ecology. The village and the valley is forbidden to move on cars. You can use mechanical lifts, tourist traven train and public bus. And while in the mountains, it is necessary to take care of nature around.

Reviews and studies of trips

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