Cities of France: Le-Set-Lo

Relatively new ski area le-set-lo www.Les7Laux.COM / (Les Sept Laux, Les 7 Lauh) is located in the Dauphine historic region (Dauphine), in the Valley of Izers. This is the third size of the resort area of ​​Massif Belfon (Chaine de Belledonne), on the slopes of which are also located the famous three valleys and Alps D’Jeep. The region includes three resorts – Pputworth (Prapoutel), Pipay (Pipay) and Le Pleynet (Le Pleynet) lying on both sides of the rocky sorrow of the Pic de Cabottes Mountain (2732 m). Despite the fact that the locals themselves love to produce the name of the region from seven lakes located on the plateau behind the resort, the origin of the term Sept Laux is more likely from the word Ceylau, which can approximately be translated as "High country".

In the combined zone of riding, occupying almost 43 hectares at altitudes from 1350 to 2400 meters, includes 47 tracks (31% – "Green", 24% – "blue", 23% – "Red" and 22% – "Black") with a total length of 120 km. According to its characteristics, the slopes of le-set-lo are considered one of the most "Balanced" In the region – here you can find and long complex "Black" Bedina, Vallons De La Jasse and Pra (the longest route stretches by almost 3 km), and running almost in parallel to them "Red", And the most simple "Green" The trace comes in several loops almost perpendicular to the slope of the ridge from Le Plaine (1450 m) through PIPE (1550 m) to Prapuratuer (1350 m). There are two extensive zones of oil skating (the so-called Zone de Montagne, lying in the upper part of the slopes on both sides of the ridge), overlooking the black tracks. Slightly simpler virgin slopes lie at the base of Plan du Pra, and in the Faucons area there are excellent "Black " Might runs.

Ppupauer is considered a real paradise for snowboarders, since a wide shock goes here from a height of 1,700 meters to the most hotels. Considered one of the best in the Alps modern Snowpark with Olympic Bordercross (6 "Curves") and three different in the level of complexity zones of skating lies in the lower part of the ridge, between Le Plain and Pipe. It is not surprising that the Stages of the Junior World Half Pypa world champion are regularly held in Le Set-Lo.

Despite the small relative height and periodic problems with a steady snow cover (120 snow guns operate for their permission), the region will be interested in skiers of all levels, and the residents of Grenoble are riding here, preferring the region is more complex, but also noticeably more remote slopes. True Valle. In addition, Le-Set-Lo works in the summer, becoming a real walking center, mountain bike, trekking and mountaineering.

In addition to skis, guests are offered a sleigh riding area, snowmobiles, dog harms, two ski schools, interesting wooded areas for walking on snowshoes, 20 km of flat skiers and various sports events. In the evening, you can visit 2 nightclubs, 4 restaurants (including mountain chalet des cortieets with a beautiful panoramic terrace), a dozen bars, a cinema, as well as many shops (including 8 sports) and rolling offices.

Cities of France le-Set-Lo

Because of the limited number of rooms (only 9000 places, with almost half – private apartments without meals) The resort is visited almost alone French, but recently it has become popular among our and German tourists. The reason for this is simple – the price level here is relatively low (approximately as in the University Grenoble and interest 20 lower than in the same Courchevel), which is completely uncharacteristic for French resorts. All hotels and apartments are located almost on the slope, and skating can be started directly from the entrance.

The local ski pass – the resort has an extensive system of discounts and special offers, therefore, on average, a six-day subscription will cost approximately 100 euros for adults, and for children under 6 years old and older people (over 70 years old) will be free. In more detail with the tariff net, you can find on the website of the resort WWW.Les7Laux.Com.

Nearest Major Airports – Chambery (Chamböry Aix-Les-Bains, 70 km), Grenoble (Grenoble St Geoirs, 80 km) and Lyon (Lyon St Exupery, 125 km). At the same time, from the Grenoble itself to Prapauer, only 38 km, and to Le Plaine – 50 km along the excellent Mountain Road A41, which allows you to reach the slopes literally per hour and a half. By train you can get from any city in the country through Grenoble (TGV Paris Grenoble Line) or Brignoud (BRIGNOUD).

Cities of France le-Set-Lo

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