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The historic capital of the Mayen region and the modern center of the Sarta Department, the city of Le Mans (Le Mans) actually lies outside the Rhone, halfway between Anjou and Paris, however, often refers to the Loire region purely due to historical tradition.

The entire planet is this ancient city (founded by the Romans under the name of Vindinium) is known as the traditional venue of the famous auto racing "24 hours le man" www.Lemans.ORG, but his reputation is not at all exhausted by this event.


Sophisticated Network of the Old Quarter Vie-Man, or sieve planagenets, crowns a small hill over the Sarta River, demonstrating a variety of characteristic medieval houses, still surrounded by the fortress walls of the III-IV centuries. NS., those considered one of the best of all the preserved samples of Gallo Roman defensive structures in Europe. Also here you can detect ruins Roman term and ruins Amphitheater III century N. NS. Many finds from old quarters, paintings, maps and plans of the old quarter can be seen in a fairly simple La Rhine-Berenge Museum, placed in a beautiful mansion XV century on the street of the same name. And towers over all this huge Cathedral Saint-Julien (XII-XVI centuries.).

In the northern part of the quarter, the road tunnel goes to the impressive Monument Wilbere Wright, who was experiencing one of his early airplanes in Le Mans (in 1908 he installed his first world record here, holding out in the air for 1 hour and 30 minutes and 30 seconds). From here you can go to the northeast by the park and Art Museum Tes To the modern center of the city, almost completely built up beautiful buildings in the style of Bel Epok and later office complexes. Here you can see and baroque Church of Visitasion (1730 g.) with a picturesque balustrade inside.

You can also visit the famous suburbs Car Museum Le Mana (Open daily, from February to May and from October to December – from 10.00 to 18.00; from June to September – from 10.00 to 19.00; entrance – 7 euros) with more than 150 vehicles of all times and peoples, themselves "rings" Tracks of Bugatti and Sarta (the first French Grand Prix was here already in 1906, and since then all sorts of races are held regularly), as well as the Cisryaian Abbey lepo (XIII B., 4 km from the city) and the church with the grave of Queen Berengaria.

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