Cities of France: La Rochelle

In the north of the coast of Primorskoy, Charants lies the famous city of La Rochelle (La Rochelle) – the main regional recreation center by the sea, considered the most attractive and "unspoed" Seaside city of France. Coastline and historical center of La Rochelle, most of which are dating from the XVII-XVIII centuries, turned into one large pedestrian zone.


Old port, with which almost the entire history of this city is connected in absentia to everyone who read the novels. Dumas, still protected by impressive towers Sheng and Saint-Nikola (XVI B.). Dominant over the inner harbor Heavy Gothic Garros-Orch are the entrance to the territory of the old urban quarters, on the paved streets of which you can climb to the old fortress wall and the third tower – Lantern, or Cater Sergean.

Nearby lies a small beach, a casino and a beautiful park belt, which continues the Western Territory of the City Center and behind the beach. From here it begins the main shopping street of the city – Ryu Du-Pale, Built up the XVIII century buildings in a typical local style – Hotel De La Bourse (actually the city chamber), Palace of Justice With the colonnades of the facade, the so-called House Henri II (1555 g., Now it is located here Regional tourist office), a rather unparalleled Classic Cathedral (XVIII in.) laid out by a canadian granite paving Ryu de L’Escal with its numerous mansions of the rich shipowners of the XVIII century and Museum of D’Orbini Bernon with an extensive historical collection.

To the east of Ryu Du Pale, a beautiful sample of the mixing of French and Italian style is towers – Town Hall (XVII B.), near which the second shopping area of ​​the city begins, stretching along Ryu-Dez-Merce, and also arrange Nouve-Monde Museum (collection of print publications, paintings and photographs of French possessions in West Indies) and Museum of Fine Arts.

On the eastern side of the Old Harbor, behind the Saint-Nicolas Tower, the old fishing quarter of Gabu begins, rebuilt into one big seating area with dozens of bars and shops. And right on the pier is a great aquarium www.Aquarium-Larochelle.COM with sharks, opposite which is built Maritime Museum www.museeemaritimelarochelle.FR, and a little further in the city – Museum of automata www.Museedesautomates.COM, or Museum of Puppets (Charming Assembly of more than three hundred automated dolls created by mechanical masters in the XVII-XX centuries) and lying nearby Museum of models (large-scale copies of various historical structures and vehicles).

Cities of France La Rochelle

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