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Special attention deserves the oldest city of the region and its modern center – Camper (Quimper, Kemper).

The capital of the ancient diocese, the kingdom, and later – and the Duchy of Corniai (how not to remember Cornwall?) It was founded by the first migrants from the British Isles in the times of ancient Rome. The legends associated with this place is simply not reading, and the city itself is so picturesque that several million tourists are visited by several million. At the same time there are no special attractions in Cepers, however, the wooded slopes of the hills Mont-Frung, The arrow of the river steer and dressed, Numerous old Bridges, Potted streets of medieval quarters, huge Cathedral Saint Corentine (The brightest example of gothic architecture in Brittany, XV-XVIII centuries.), Museum of Fayans www.Quimper-Faiences.COM I Museum of Fine Arts allow you to count the camper one of the most beautiful places of Brittany.

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Brittany. Camper. Travel to the city of Bishops

French Camper (Quimper), located at the merge of the River Steir and Ode – the oldest of Brittany cities. With these rivers and its name is connected (Breinton Kemper – "Merge rivers"). Read more →

Silver slider | Autumn 2015

Cities of France Keper

Loire Castles, Brittany and Normandy

Our friendly company of four people met in Paris to make a trip to 10 days in French provinces. At first there was a dream – to visit Mont-San Michel! The route was gradually developed: Loire castles (live in the castle – another dream!) – Brittany – Normandy. It all started with celebrations of the birthday in Paris in a restaurant "Ciel de paris" In the Montparnas Tower, where the table was reserved in advance with the best view of Evening Paris and Eiffel Tower. Read more →

Anna | March-April 2008

Tour de France or how can not travel

Night train from Barcelona, ​​briefly kicked by a powerful air pneumatics, drove toward Paris and soon silently dissolved among the multicolored lights of the attractive space. Read more →

Cities of France Keper

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