Cities of France: Karnak

4 km north of the Karnak city of Karnak (Carnac) is located at the base of the Carnak Peninsula (Carnac) Prehistoric plot In Europe – about three thousand mysterious stone pillars ("Tumuli") and dolmen era of the neolithic forming three groups. Archaeologists compare this complex of megaliths with the Palace of Knossos, Stonehenge, Brodgar Ring at the Orkney Islands and Even the Egyptian Temples of Carnaca (it is quite possible that the name coincidence is not at all by chance), although his true purpose is still not solid. In any case, these are the most ancient stone buildings in Western Europe (older than the same Stonehenge at least 3 thousand years!), and so-called "Great stone pillars" Locmariaquer and Brise are considered the earliest astronomical instruments on the continent. However, at present, the complex has collapsed (or, as some believe, it was created – lying), but there are developing options for its restoration, like many other megaliths, practically destroyed by time and people.

In the carnak itself created a good Prehistoric Museum www.museedecarnac.Com. At the same time, the town of Karnak is a major sea resort, quite inexpensive according to Brittany standards, by the way. Therefore, here you can combine historical excursions with rest by the sea.

Reviews and studies of trips

France. Everyone has its own

The beginning of the 90s for employees of many organizations was marked by improving the qualifications abroad. In France, together with the group of directors of hotels and restaurants, not only Moscow, but also by representatives from Ukraine and Latvia, I was by chance. Wherever I could apply the knowledge of the program "Improving management and technology for reception and maintenance in tourist enterprises", Being a secretary position, no one at that moment was thinking. Read more →

Natalia Kalinina | December 1991

Cities of France Karnak

Loire Castles, Brittany and Normandy

Our friendly company of four people met in Paris to make a trip to 10 days in French provinces. At first there was a dream – to visit Mont-San Michel! The route was gradually developed: Loire castles (live in the castle – another dream!) – Brittany – Normandy. It all started with celebrations of the birthday in Paris in a restaurant "Ciel de paris" In the Montparnas Tower, where the table was reserved in advance with the best view of Evening Paris and Eiffel Tower. Read more →

Anna | March-April 2008

French vacation

Trip to France "Drew" by chance. After a short meeting it was decided that we did not visit Paris. And so in the edge, and Paris we have ever seen. So this time will focus on "Countryside" – Normandy, Brittany and Loire Valley. For 12 days a lot, but we are not the first. Read more →

Cities of France Karnak

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