Cities of France: Kale

The administrative center of the Department of Para de Calais – Calais City (Calais) lies only 40 km in a straight line from English Dover.

It is not surprising that it was Kale that was the last ownership of England in continental Europe, while remaining such up to 1558, and it is from here that most of the ferry lines to the shores of Misty Albion begins.


The city is quite clearly divided by channels into two parts – carefully restored after the war old district Calen Nor and extensive "new town" Kale-Zyud, Drawn around the Town Hall and Main Commercial Streets – Lafayette and Jacquard Boulevards.

Attention deserve G. Tower (the only medieval building in the old town, surviving bombing of the Second World War) on the square d’arms, Church of Notre Dame (The only building in the style of English gothic on the continent and the place of marriage of Charles de Gaulle and Ivonna Vandra in 1921), Museum of Fine Arts and Lace On Rue Richelieu, Lighthouse (Height 51 meters) with a panoramic platform near the area of ​​Henri-Barbusse, building Town Hall (1926.) With its 60-meter bell tower, rich World War II Museum In the building of the former German blockhouse in Saint-Pierre Park, many first-class shopping centers, as well as good city ​​Beach (It should be borne in mind that the water in the channel is rarely heated to an acceptable to swimming in temperature).

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Cities of France Kale

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