Cities of France: Grenoble

Capital of the Winter Olympic Games of 1968 – Grenoble City ( these days is the major center of the chemical industry, electronics and nuclear research, which is how much does not prevent him from being one of the cleanest cities in France. City wears honorary title "Capital Alps" And none of the tourists heading in these edges.


The best way to get acquainted with Grenoble – climb in the Cabinet of the Cableler (WWW.Bastille-Grenoble.COM) to the walls of the fortress Fort de la Bastil, lying on a steep slope over the northern shore of Izers. It is from here in one glance that you can get the whole city, old bridges through the iszer, Saint-Lauren quarter With the church of the same name (from here you can climb the fort on foot on a specially laid track), the red tiled roofs of the medieval core of the city around Church of Cen-Andre (XIII B.), Museum of Standal In the building of the Old Town Hall and the native home of the writer on the Grande-Rue, huge Museum of Grenoble (historical collection and gallery of contemporary art) in the former Palace of the Bishop and Palace of Justice (XVI B.).

Also worth visiting the chain of small areas Aux Herbs, Claveyson, De Gordes, Grenette and Notre-Dame, considered the most lively and colorful part of the city.

On the opposite bank of the iszer rises Archaeological Museum of Saint-Lauren Church (a unique historical collection, all the exhibits of which were found here, during the excavations of the medieval monastery), Museum of Dowfoa (Collection on the history and decorative and applied fisheries of the Dauphin region) in the complex of the Old Women’s Monastery, Museum of resistance And barely noticeable behind the beautiful Alleys of the Botanical Park Museum of Natural History (It is considered the second in the country for the wealth of the collection after a similar Paris Assembly).

And over all this snow vertices of mountain range Belfon (2978 m) in the east and steep white cliffs array of Verkor in the West, converging from the city to the deep ice valve of the top flow of the isaper.

Cities of France Grenobl

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