Cities of France: Havre

Many guidebooks describe the second in size of the port of France Gavr (Le Havre) as gloomy and boring. However, this is not quite so – built in 1517 on the northern shore of Estoaria Seine to replace the harfleur and onfleur (Honfleur), Gavre (Honfleur)"harbor", Fr.) quickly became the main trading port of the northern coast of France.

In the period after the American War for independence, the city literally bloomed, turning into the main sea gates of the country, and in the XX century became the center of transatlantic flights and cruises. Accordingly, its architecture replete with expensive mansions and offices of famous trading houses developed such a rich port. However, the events of the Second World War caused such a big damage (more bombs were reset at the Gavr than any other port of Europe, with the exception of Sevastopol), that the restoration of his central quarters was delayed for almost 20 years, but many old structures were sunk in the fly. According to the general recognition of tourists, the endless residential neighborhoods of the Government looks enough, but the sea, well visible at the end of each street, and the abundance of small areas is noticeably asked this feeling.


The most famous sights of the city belong Church of Notre Dame and Gravel Saint-Onorna Abbey (both – XVI-XVIII centuries.), Residence Bishop of the Gavra (1536 g.), Church Saint-Joseph (1951-1958., One of the highest in France – the bell tower is caught by 106 meters), Saint-Vincen, Saint-Francois, Saint Ann and Saint-Marie (all – XVI-XIX centuries.), Chapel Saint-Michel (XV B.), Presbyterian Reformer Church (1857 in.), Complex of the Town Hall (Hotel de Ville, XX.), Andre Malro Art Museum (open on Mondays and from Wednesday to Friday – from 11.00 to 18.00, on Saturdays and Sundays – from 11.00 to 19.00; Login – 5 euros), Museum of Natural History, One of the few surviving old buildings of the city on Rue Jerome-Bellarmato, which is now located Museum of Old Harre (open from Wednesday on Sunday, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00, entrance – 1.5 euros), Cultural Center "Vulkan" Oscar Nimeier works (1978.), modern Town Hall and Japanese garden.

Around the city

Cities of France Gavr

Above the flow, on the way to Ruang, there are also many historical places. The most interesting of them are highly destroyed during the Second World Ancient City Codeburg-An-Co www.Caudebec-EN-CAUX.COM, famous Saint Undarl Abbey www.St-Wandrille.COM (based in VII in.), as well as the majestic abbey in Jumiery (Jumieges), founded by the Holy Filibert in 654 of our era, burned by Vikings in 841 and restored century later.

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Cities of France Gavr

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