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The city of Frejus (Frejus) was an important marine base in the Romans (then he was called forum-Yulia), while there were more than 2 km of berths and was connected with a surrounded wall by a canal with the sea, which in those days was significantly closer.

After the battle of the acise (31 g. to N. NS.) Ships of the defeated fleet of Anthony and Cleopatra hid exactly here. The old town has long merged with the new quarters and went to the sea, and the port turned into one of the best yacht parking on the coast. Moreover, this process goes so quickly that Frejus is already merged with the town of Saint-Rafael, who during Caesar was the resort for veterans, and he, in turn, with the same old town of Buluris (Boulouris) in the East.


Frejus attractions are numerous Fragments of Roman shipping facilities, Gateland, amphitheater (Nowadays it is used for bulls and concert fights), Roman Theater north of "Old Town", Six Aroke v Park Olyland – Everything that remains from the forty-fisculose Roman aqueduct, Arcade d’Or (probably part of the complex of term), Episcopal Cathedral (XIV B.) with Palace of bishop (Nowadays, busy at the Town Hall Complex), Baptistery (IV-V BB.), Monastery (XII-XIV BB.) and Archaeological Museum.

Cities of France Frejus

In Frejus, neighboring Mosque Moska-Missiri de Jenn (1930 G., Accurate copy of Great Jenn Mosque in Mali), Hong Hyen Pagoda (2 km from Frejus) and Chapel Notre Dame de Skruzala (XX B.).

On the territory of Saint-Raphael deserve attention to the tiny Romanesque church with fragments of the Roman aqueduct and nearby Museum of underwater archeology, Picturesque Park Jardin-Bonaparte At the entrance to the old port, casino On the area de Gand and modern Marina Santa Lucia.

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