Cities of France: Eperna

At 26 km, South Reims lies Epernay (Epernay), beautifully framed by the planned vineyards of hills. This is a fairly small city, but there are several well-known "Meson Champagne" ("House champagne", How local winemakers call their basements).


The main attraction of the city is considered uprooted by mansions of the XVIII-XIX centuries Avenue de Champagne – "The firing street in the world" By definition of Winston Churchill. Most famous wine houses are concentrated here – Moet Et Chandon, Perrier Jouet WWW.perrier-jouet.Cas, Esterlin, Mercier, Castellane, Leclerc-Briant, janisson-baradon and others, and each of them is not only a commercial institution, but also the original collection of both wine attributes and various historical selections.

Around the city

Cities of France Eperne

The village surrounding eperna can also offer a lot of interesting things – the biggest bottle of champagne (and a plug) in the suburb Mardi (Mardeuil), the world’s largest glass for champagne in Piery (Pierry), snail farm in Olisi-Violin (Olizy-Violaine), Marriage Museum in Even (Oger), Perignon House Abbey (6 km north of the city, closed to the public), old "Meson Champagne" Charlier & Fils www.Champagne-Charlier.COM, Regional Natural Park Montan de Reims The south of the city, as well as the castles of Etok (etoges, now a great hotel here) and the Bligny (Bligny) in the village of the same name.

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Champagne. Luxembourg Reims Eperne

Epernay – a small village on 30 thousand of residents All the sterns of which are somehow connected with the production of champagne. All epernet consists of champagne houses. These are. Read more →

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