Cities of France: Diep

Spring between high rocks City-port Dieppe – one of the largest ferry centers of France and at the same time a popular resort center.


Here, few people stop more than a day, although in the city there is something to see – Castle Chateau de Dieppe (XV B., Now there is a Museum of Diepe) West entrance to the port, casino With an extensive swimming pool complex nearby, cute Quai Henri IV Embankment with numerous cafes, bars and restaurants, huge and carefully restored Cafe Des Tribunaux (here were Renoir, Pizarro, Whistler, Monet and other artists) on PUITS SALE Square, Memorial Canadian "Commandos", Died during a suicide raid on Dieppe 1 September 1942 (operation "Anniversary"), as well as very informative Children’s Research and Entertainment Center Site de la Meal EstranciteDelamer.Free.FR on rue de l’asile-thomas.

Around the city

Cities of France Diep

On both sides of the Diep, the picturesque coast of Côte d’Albatr stretches, which is the edge of the Cretaceous Plateau Ko, climbing with snow-white cliffs. A characteristic feature of these places is the abundance of tiny resorts, occupying all the little-faded sections of the coast (usually these are mouths of rivers).

The most popular areas of recreation here include resort towns Le Trepor (Le Treport, 30 km east of Diepe, on the border with Picardia), once considered the best beach of Europe, and now turned into a quiet provincial city; Varanzhville (Varengeville-Sur-Mer, 8 km west of Diepe) with the grave of George Marriage; Saint-Valery-en-ko (ST-Valery-en-Caux) with his monument to the French cavalryers who were trying during the period of the tragic retreat of allies troops in 1940 to stop the rommel tanks with a saber attack; Large fishing port and resort Fekhan (FECAMP) with his ancient distortion of the Benedictine monks, the church Trinit (XVI in.) and the modern Museum Ter-Nouveau-E de la Pesh, as well as exciting alabaster cliffs in the Etretat area (Etretat).

Cities of France Diep

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