Cities of France: Colmar

Ancient Colmar (Colmar) lies in 65 km south of Strasbourg. Based approximately in VIII in. N. NS., Nowadays, it is considered one of the most picturesque cities of the eastern part of France. His old quarters with fancy bending streets (and walls of houses, by the way), channels, characteristic multicolored facades and shutters, are one big open-air museum.

The main attractions of Colmar include the most beautiful houses Copherus, or the head of the head (XVI in.) and Pfister (1537 g.); Located near them, the Quarter of the PC-Venice Channels, Saint-Martin Colleague Monastery (XV-XVII centuries.) And the famous Monastery of St. Anton with his pressed work of Matias Grunevalda, an art museum Unterlinden WWW.Musee-Unterlinden.COM in the complex of the old Dominican women’s monastery (stored in the former chapel of the Isaenheim altar of work All the same Grunevald is considered a masterpiece of painting XVI in.), San Mateo Church (XIII in.), strict Dominican Church (XIII in.) with a unique improcessive way "Virgin Mary in Rosakh" (dated 1473 g.) on Rue des SerruRiers, Bartholdi Museum (author of Freedom Statue in New York), as well as the original Museum of Toys and Toy Trains Anime Du Jouet Et Des Petits Trains (Open from July to September daily from 9.00 to 18.00; From October to June – daily, except Thursday, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00, entrance – 4 euros).

Thanks to a special microclimate with a very small amount of precipitation (about 500 mm per year – most "Dry" Place on the territory of France), there are unique conditions for growing grapes around the city. Here they produce a huge number of first-class white and sparkling wines, so the entire region around the city serves as a stage "Wine road Alsacea". Lying 19 km west Colmar Town M√ľnster (MUNSTER, do not confuse with the German city of the same name) was founded by Irish monks in the VII century. Now his name is firmly associated with the local cheese of the same name and excellent white wines. And around the city begins the most beautiful parts of southern veins and dozens of foot, horseback, cycling and road routes, among whom the time of the First World War passing on defensive turns "Ruth-des-Kurt".

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Colmar – Sunny city, and in all respects. The city was met by the Sun and it was even difficult to believe that March in France is considered to be a winter month. In Colmar, there is practically no precipitation read more →

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Cities of France Colmar

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Cities of France Colmar

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