Cities of France: Brid-le-Bain

Breed-le-Ben Resort Town (Brides-Les-Bains, WWW.Brides-Les-Bains.COM) is usually rarely mentioned when describing the beauties of three valleys, since it lies at an altitude of only 600 meters above sea level and cannot boast luxurious slopes.

However, he has other undeniable advantages – a good road network connecting Brid-les-Ben with a torment and surrounding resort towns, the Olympe direct cable car to the best trails of Meribel, Courchevel and Val-Torans (20-25 minutes with intermediate stops in the village villages -Raffort and lez-aluz), low prices for accommodation and maintenance (on average 15-20% lower than on other resorts of three valleys) and a well-developed recreation infrastructure. In addition to ordinary stores for such places, rolling offices, ski schools, sunny sports, mountaineering and flat skiing, there are several clubs (including two nights – Le Blue Night and Le Cythere Club, open to 4.00), restaurants and cafes. Brid-le-Ben can offer a casino, cinema, 2 discos, a modern wellness center (thermal springs, baths, a swimming pool with mineral water, a balneological center and all kinds of massage), as well as a developed hotel network.

Nearest International Airports – Geneva (129 km), Lyon (170 km). From the nearest railway station Moutier (Moutiers, 6 km), there is a direct train TGV to Paris (630 km, travel time – 3-4 hours).

Cities of France Brid-le-Bain

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