Cities of France: Briancon

Briancon – the capital of the region of Ecre and the most high-mountainous city of France.


Impressive citadel, towering on the cliff over the velocity of the rivers, was originally built by Catholics to protect the path from Milan in Vienne on Ron. The omnipresent Woban in the XVII century rebuilt the fortress, taking into account all the newest devines of fortification art, turning it into one of the most impressive fortified points of France.

Today, despite his obvious remoteness, Briancon is a living student city, which is attracting a lot of tourists by virtue of his painting. Cool and narrow streets around the citadel have survived in the same form as the century ago, and the four city gates are removed to a simple University Church, Where it is easy to climb the walls with a completely fantastic panorama of five valleys, snowy mountain peaks and a Monezhenov Pass – one of the oldest and most important mountain passes connecting France and Italy.

Cities of France Briancon

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