Cities of France: Beauvais

The town of Boweva (Beauvais, 60 km south of Amiens) was very destroyed during World War II and then restored.


Beauvais is widely known for its huge Cathedral Saint-Pierre (XIII-XVI centuries.), Saint Etienne Church (XVII B.), National gallery tapestry tapisseri Behind Cathedral I Museum Department, dedicated to local painting, history and archeology.

Around the city

Halfway between amute and coast Abville (Abbeville) also suffered greatly during the Second World War, but it can offer guests a magnificent station in Flemish-style with high bell tower (XV in. – Oldest in France), Gothic Church of Saint-Wulfran (XVI in., Restored in 1993.), as well as the park and castle Bughatel (XVIII in.) 2 km south of the city.

Reviews and studies of trips

Cities of France Bove

Beauvais: Gingerbread Town

Bov is worthy to spend all day in it. This is an illustration of a medieval Europe, which we know her on the fairy tales of Charles Perro and Brothers Grimm. The city consists of a gingerbread houses that descended with illustrations "Red hawk". Read more →

Perevozchik | April 2014

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And here we are in the capital of the world – so Paris was magnified during the Eiffel. The end of November, we have almost winter, in Paris is also not hot +6, but there are still leaves on the trees, it makes it pleases, so we are in some extent in the south. Read more →

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