Cities of France: Bourges

Capital of the Cher, Bourges City (Bourges) lies in the south "Big loop" Loire Valley, almost 670 km from the river itself, but tightly connected with the region historically.


Bourges is the city of one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in France – Saint-Etienne (XII B.), famous for its medieval quarters, impressive Mansion Jacques Cera (Minister of Finance during the Board of Charles VII), Craft Museum and Museum of Bourges, as well as musical festivals "Spring in Bourget" www.Printemps-Bourges.COM (Easter), "Synthesis" (the first week of June) and "Un-Ate" (end of June – End of September). Interestingly, the bourges citizens are not called at all "bourgeois", as it should be expected, and "Berry" (Berruyer).

Around the city

Cities of France Bourges

Around the burly you can see the set of majestic medieval castles – Boregar, Shenonso www.Chenonceau.COM (considered one of the most beautiful in the Loire Valley), Valenci www.Chateau-Valencay.Com, MONRISHAR, Saint-Egyang, Fuber, Chamone, Sheverni, Shambur www.Chambord.ORG and, of course, the magnificent citadel and the old town itself Horse.

Separate attention deserves the residence of the Dukes of Orleans – Castle Blois (Blois), towering over the town of the same name like a rock. And the ancient careers in the slopes of the surrounding hills, from where they took a stone for the construction of fortresses, these days are used to grow first-class champignons (with the process can also be found in the course of specialized excursions).

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