Cities of France: Belfort

Lying in the north department of Du (Franches-Contal region, Franche-Comte), in the so-called "Burgundy gate" Between the southern slopes, the city of Belfort is the same symbol of persistence for our Stalingrad or Leningrad for us.

For the long history of France, the Fortress of Belforce has handed over a set of Opij (from the last – 1814, 1815 and 1870-1871.), and during the time of the French-Penglish war, it was the heroic resistance of the garrison under the command of Colonel Dunfer Roshro delivered this area from Annexia Germany, unlike the neighboring Alsace and Lorraine. In honor of the defenders of the city in front of the citadel, a grand monument was installed "Belfort Lev", And in honor of Dunfer Roshro, the area and metro station in Paris are named.


Nowadays, Belfort is an interesting city with a mixed franco-German culture, brightly traced in architecture and kitchen, a good starting point for traveling to Vogza and Jura, in the picturesque driers of the rivers do and Il.

Cities of France Belfort

Decoration of the city itself is a quiet historic center on the eastern bank of the river lying at the foot of the massive red Castle. Built by the omnipresent Festitizer Woban on the site of the medieval fortress, this powerful fort now hosts on its territory Museum of Art and History (open from May to September daily, from 10.00 to 19.00, from October to April – daily, except Thursday, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00, entrance ticket – 2.9-3.2 euros), and its pentagonal external distribution, in general, and formed the entire Belfort.

Also deserves attention Art Museum Maurice Fry (open daily, except Thursday, from 10.00 to 18.00; entrance – 4 euros), and, of course, carved from stone Statue of Belfort Lion Work Bartoldi.

The city has a famous antique market, opening every first weekend from March to December, as well as the oldest grocery store-Grocery in France.

Cities of France Belfort

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