Cities of France: Arcachon

Arcachon (Arcachon) – the oldest resort of Côte d’Arzhan and "Oyster capital" Western coast of the country. Located on the southern shore of an extensive shallow Gaskon Bay, or Basen-d’Arkashon formed by the mouth of the Ler River, it serves as a popular refuge from the summer heat for most bordean residents, and therefore constantly filled with guests.

Its white sandy shores are considered one of the purest in the region, practically adjacent to the resort of Dune Pila (Pyla) has a height of more than 100 meters at a length of more than 3 km, and the throat of the bay is busy dozens of oyster farms, whose products go straight to local restaurants. The town itself is a series of villas and mansions stretching throughout the southern shore of the bay and populated in most part only in the summer. Only the so-called Ville d’Hiver – "Winter city"), built up with palaces of the second empire, all year round. However, in winter, a lot of tourists are resting here, salted air, excellent nature and lifeful pine forests have long won Arkashon’s status of a large balneoclimatic resort, – just there are no such a pussy as in the summer.


In the town itself deserve attention Saint-Paul, Saint-Cecil Observatory, Moorish Park, Chapel Notre Dame-La Vierg-d’Arkashon, Several museums and galleries, ornithological and Zoological parks, Two big Aquarium and amusement park.

Around the city

Cities of France Arkashon

Bente, it is worth especially to note the purest forests Land and Gaskonsky National Park, and Sea National Park.

14 km east of Arkashon, in the Southeast of the Gaskonian Bay, one of the largest swamps of the country – Le-Teisch, almost entirely occupied by the territory of the bird reserve Park Ornith Hoker-du-Teisch (www.Parc-Ornithologique-Du-Teich.COM) – one of two parks of this kind in France.

It is interesting that north and south of the Gascon Bay along the whole bank of Côte d’Arzhan stretches a whole series of fresh or slightly brassing lakes, but only Arkashon River was able to try his way out into the ocean. Therefore, this big and shallow natural bay attracts both thousands of seabirds and fans of active sports.

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