Cities of France: Argenter

Argentiere’s small village is located at the top of the Chamonix Valley (7 km above the village of Chamonix), at the foot of Mont Blanc and Glaciers, Rognon, Mer de Glac (Mer de Glace) and Argentiere (Glacier d’Argentiere). From here there is a straight road to Switzerland through COL DES Montets and COL de La Forclaz.

Argenteer (1200 m) – the starting point for the cable car emerging to the mountain Grand Monte (Les Grands Montets, 3295 m), which has long turned into a real mecca for fans of extreme sports. Here is a huge variety of tracks and routes, conditionally divided into 3 zones – Argenter Glacier, Lonian Ski Region (Lognan) and Pandant (Pendant). Cool slopes, a huge number of gorges and complex rocks, sidewars and mighty tracks, as well as the abundance of snow from December to May made this zone one of the best places for incorporate riding in Europe.

The highest point of the area of ​​skiing – 3297 meters. In total, there are 18 trails with a total length of only 26 km (already from here you can conclude about the slopes of the slopes), and most of the descents refer to the category of complex "Red" or "Black". And the longest track (8 km, the height difference is 2070 m), stretches from the Grand Monte to the Argentera himself, although it is rather the category of medium difficulty. At the same time a lot and more "calm" Plots – "Green" Les Chosalets, wide "blue" Marmottons and Arolles, not easy "Red" Bochard, Natural Mighting La Herse Route, Zones "powders" along the foot of the glaciers and complex "black" Descent from the top of the Grand Monte. For snowboard lovers there is a snowpark with a half-payer of more than 60 meters long (France Cup competitions on a snowboard are held here). The slopes are serviced by 1 cable (2 sections), 1 gondola road and 5 lifts.

ARZHANTER operates 25 restaurants, numerous bars and discos, kindergartens and nursery. In addition, rest here is noticeably cheaper than in the nearby Chamonix, although a hotel park and a small (2 high-class complex and about one and a half dozen more modest chalets). But here there is always a more informal atmosphere and "More advanced clientele", What allows you to recommend this resort with experienced skiers and fans of inclusive skiing.

Cities of France Argenter

Mont-Blanc ski pass (gives access to 680 km of trails in Chamonix, Argentera and other resorts of the region) with a period of 6 days will cost 220-235 euros for adults and 176-188 euros for children and pensioners, for 13 days – in 415-451 and 332-361 euros, respectively. Deposit for a contactless card is 3 euros. Current price information can be found on the website of the www resort.Chamonix-Montblanc.RU / SKI / SKI-PASSI /. Cham’Ski Subscription (Includes Chamonix Valley, except Les-Us) costs 123-176 euros.

Skating Season in Argentera lasts since the beginning of December until mid-May, you can ride almost all year round on the glaciers.

You can get to Argentera by bus or taxi from Geneva Airport (approximately 1.5 hours) or from the south, through Chamonix and Vie-Servo.

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