Cities of France: Antibes

Ancient Antipolis, and now the most "youth" The city of Riviera and the Center for Yacht Sport – Antibes (Antibes) almost merged with the same old seaside town of Juan-les-Pins (Juan-Les-Pins). It is believed that this city has preserved its historical identity as much as possible, although it has many clubs, restaurants, bars and discos.

Attractions and beaches

The most vivid attractions include Castle Grimaldi (XII-XVI centuries.) and located in his walls Museum Picasso, City Cathedral (IX-XVI centuries.) with a luxurious medieval recent way, Fortification facilities Voban, Villa Tenar, fabulous Provencal Market on Cours Massena and Craftsman market, Flower Park on 5 hectares of the square and Forecitomic (2 thousand species of trees), Museum of Napoleon, Maritime Museum and Museum Paine. In the city of wonderful sandy beaches, there are own Dolphinarium and aquapark.

The longest antiba beach – La Salis Lies on the picturesque peninsula Cap-d’antib, in his eastern part, being also the most quiet place for swimming in the Cote d’Azur. And in the southern part of the peninsula, from the foot "our chapel" Shapel de la Garop (Open daily, with 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.30 to 19.00) There is an excellent panorama on the forests and beaches of this area, as well as on the green massif of the botanical garden Park torrent, owned by the National Research Institute.

South south is the second Public Beach of the Peninsula – La Garop, and in the southern end of Cap d’Antib, on Avenue L.D. Beaumont, the Grand Villa Eilenok, surrounded by a lush garden.

On the West Bank you can find several small sandy bays and harbors, but the main decoration of this area – Museum of Napoleon (Opened from Thursday to Saturday, from mid-June to mid-September – from 10.00 to 18.00; From mid-September to mid-June – from 10.00 to 16.thirty; entrance – 3 euros) at the end of Avenue J.-F.-Kennedy.

Cities of France Antibes

The southern tip of the peninsula occupies an area around the legendary Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, Often called "Bay millionaires".

Around the city

Juan-le-Pen Located in less than 2 km from the center of Antibes. This town "bloom" In the period between the two world wars, when many film stars were flocked here, including Charlie Chaplin, Maurice Chevalé and Lilian Harvey. Although in our days, Juan-les-Pen is not so famous as antibes, many elements of his former glory have been preserved here, including a casino, good sandy shores, the famous Hotel Provencal in the Art Deco style and a pine grove of Jardin de Pineda, often called Just La Pineda, in which the International Jazz Festival Jazz A Juan is still undergoing.

Cities of France Antibes

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