Cities of France: Angers

The main city of the Department of Man and Loir, the capital of the ancient Anjui county and the historical province of the same name, the city of Angers (Angers) is located at the confluence of the Mien rivers, Lair, Sarta and Loire. Many centuries known as "Black Angers" Because of the color of the stone, which was mined here since the 9th century, today it turned into a pretty and friendly city with a living atmosphere.


The main reason for his visit is an impressive Angers Castle, Whose ditch is now rather colorly planted with flower beds and trees. Decoration of the same castle (open daily, from May to August – from 9.30 to 18.thirty; From September to April – from 10.00 to 17.thirty; Entrance – 7.5 euros) is the world-famous tapestry depicting apocalypse (Woven between 1373 and 1382. For Louis I Anjou, length 140 meters, from which it came to this day only about 100) and its harsh fortress wall with a length of a more kilometer with 17 round towers.

Next to the castle rises Saint Maurice Cathedral (XII B.) but go to him better not through the Kennedy Square, where there is another popularity in tourists – Meson du-wine (House of wine), and through the embankment, past old phones and Bridge Verden, Through the marina and a long staircase, leading directly to the doors dating from the middle of the XII century (another version of the Apocalypse is cut out). Other city monuments are located very close to – House Adam, complex Municipal Theater (XIX B.), Church of Tusen (XIII B.), Museum of Starina in Hotel Pince, Gallery David Anzhersky (Famous local sculptor of the XVIII-XIX centuries., whose work can be seen throughout France) and Museum of Fine Arts in the XV century mansion.

If you go over the bridge Verden through the Mayen, then you get in Quarter La Dutch (literally – "other side") in which you can see the old Hospital Saint-Jean (1174 g.), where is now hosted Jean Flasks Museum, Wide famous mine "Modern option" Talena Apocalypse (1957.) and many other unique artistic samples; nearby Regional Center for Art Fabrics (Angers is still a recognized center for the production of tapestries), ancient Abbey Ronsee With his church, which regularly holds art exhibitions, and located here Higher School of Arts and Crafts, adjacent La Trinit Church (XII B.) and Museum Arduiaz www.lemuseedelandoise.FR (Rather extensive open-air exposure, demonstrating the production technology and processing construction stone).

Around the city

Cities of France Angers

Castles in the vicinity of Angers no less than anywhere else in the Loire Valley. The best samples of medieval architecture include gigantic Castle Brissak (XV-XVII in.) in the town of Brisak-Kense (Brissac-Quince), Le-mole-bur www.Plessis-bourre.COM (17 km north of Angers), Serran www.Chateau-Serrant.NET near Saint-Georges sur-Loir (15 km west of Angers) and others. At the same time, almost every castle here has its own vineyard, so you can easily be combined with the tasting of the best samples of local wines.

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