Cities of France: Amboise

20 km from the tour upstream of Loire is located the Pozhaise City of Amboise (AMBOISE) with impressive Castle www.Chateau-Amboise.COM, in which Leonardo da Vinci lived from 1516 to 1519, and his residence of Clo-Luce, in whose walls is now located the Museum of the Great Italian.

A little south of the city can be found similar to Pagoda tower (XVIII B.) – All that remains from the once huge castle of Shantelup. Now around is broken Park Mini-Chateau, which presents more than forty models of Loire locks.

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Pagoda Chatel (La Pagode de Chanteloup), Amboise

Pagoda Chatel (La Pagode de Chanteloup) – architectural monument, Chinese style tower, built in the XVIII century. Located on the southern outskirts of the French city of Amboaz. Read more →

Cities of France Amboaz

Castles Loire and Chartia for the company

Route Trips: Paris – Blois – Schomon – Shambor – Tour – Villalandry – Azey Le Rido – Yussse – Shinon – Somur – Again Round – Amboise – Clo-Luce – Schononso – SHEVERNI – Paris read more →

Loire Castles, Brittany and Normandy

Our friendly company of four people met in Paris to make a trip to 10 days in French provinces. At first there was a dream – to visit Mont-San Michel! The route was gradually developed: Loire castles (live in the castle – another dream!) – Brittany – Normandy. It all started with celebrations of the birthday in Paris in a restaurant "Ciel de paris" In the Montparnas Tower, where the table was reserved in advance with the best view of Evening Paris and Eiffel Tower. Read more →

Cities of France Amboaz

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