Cities of France: Alberville

Popular Winter Resort Alberville (Albertville, /) lies in the northern part of the Savoy Department, in the confluence of the rivers of the iszer and the coz. This is a major sports center that took the Winter Olympic Winter Olympics in 1992, as well as the most convenient transport hub for a trip to the resorts located around the foot of Mont Blanc.

As a ski resort, he is quite small outside of France, because the mountains here are relatively low (up to 2461 meters, the city itself lies at an altitude of only 345 meters above sea level), but very popular with the French themselves who come here to live in quite familiar "Plain" conditions but ride on the best slopes of paradise or district. Many ski centers are laid first-class highways and railways, so access to them does not represent any difficulty (to Mezeva, for example, only 40 minutes by bus, to the Pheet-Wallander a little longer).

But the main business card of the city is the abundance of all sorts of sports and cultural centers, which allows you to spend here not only skiing here, but also just getting acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Western slopes of the Alps. There is even a park of entertainment – not so extensive as in Paris, but it is much more comfortable and colorful.

Cities of France Alberville

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Cities of France Alberville

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