Cities in Finland: Savonlinna

Lying in the heart of the Siemena system Lakes at 330 km east of Helsinki City of Savonlinna – an ideal place to relax at any time of the year.

The story of Savonlinna takes its beginning in 1475, when a powerful castle was founded in these places to protect against the our Empire. Two hundred years later, in 1639, Savonlinna received city rights. After the our-Swedish war, Savonlinna was included in the our Empire. The city is a major transport node of Eastern Finland and the cultural center of the entire region.

The main attraction of the city is Olavinlinna – one of the few Scandinavian castles that have come down to our time almost in pristine form. The fortress was laid in 1475 as the eastern outpost of the Swedes on the border with Russia. In the walls of the castle, the famous Savonlinsky Opera Festival is held annually (Savonlinna Opeperajuhlat, During the month in July-August on the stage of the festival of the presentation, leading theatrical troupes of the world give.

Interestingly visits the local local history museum, part of the exposition of which are three ships built in the XIX century, as well as a large collection of documents, photographs, archaeological excavations telling about the history of the lake edge. In addition, regional and artistic museums deserve attention, a picturesque wooden manor "Raukhalinna" and the Forest Museum of Finland "Lust" in Punkhahar.

Savonlinna is located on several picturesque islands connected by several bridges. The Central Station is located in one and a half kilometers from the city center, and therefore it is more convenient to leave the train at Kauppatori Station ("Trading area"), which is located right in the historic center. Bus station is located about a kilometer from the city center.

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Cities of Finland Savonlinna

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