Cities of Finland: Marianhamin (Aland Islands)

Mariehanhamina (Mariehamn, Maarianhamina) – Capital and the only city in the Aland Islands. It was founded in 1861 by the our Empire and was called from Tsar Alexander II. our consulate is still working here.

This is a typical village city with low houses, many of which are wooden, and wide streets – earth here do not save. From the East and West, the city is clamped with arrows, which are connected by a spacious empty of a couple of kilometers.

Marianhamina runs tourist train, which binds a few attractions among themselves. The brightest of them is the sailing schooner Pommern, which is now turned the museum. The Aland Museum of Navigation and the Sea Theme continues, and in the Eastern Port, you can still see how the ships are built.

In the city center you can visit the Aland Museum, which presents the history of the islands, as well as the Aland Museum of Art, where the work of local masters is exhibited. Visitors Mariehamn Gallery in the Western Port can consider the 1920 Marianhamines Models.

Cities of Finland Marianhamin (Aland Islands)

There are several hotels, cafes and restaurants concentrated around Torggatan. Near the city there are several campgrounds.

The city and its surroundings are more pleasant to move on a bike, which can be rented in the Eastern Port.

Not far from Marianhamina there is an airport where aircraft from Helsinki, Turku and Stockholm arrive. With the same cities, the Aland Islands are bound by ferry.

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