Cities of Estonia: Tartu

The capital of the region is the most important cultural center of Estonia and the oldest city of Baltic – Tartu (WWW.Tartu.EE). Known from 1030 g. like Yuriev (1224-1893. – Derpte), the city looks even "younger" Tallinn.

Tartu is known for its university – one of the oldest in Europe, founded in 1632 by order of the Swedish king Gustav Adolf. From the old days, the ruins of the Cathedral of Peter and Paul (XII-XV centuries.), the powder cellar (now in it is a restaurant) at the foot of the Tomemägi hill – a favorite place of resting citizens and guests whose fathers connect two original bridges – angels and damn. Interesting Town Hall Building, Church of Yaani (Middle XIV c), Tartan Observatory and Botanical Garden. There are many museums in the city, in T. C. Museum of the History of the University of Tartu, Estonian Museum of Sport, Museum of Geology, Museum of Zoology, Museum of Arts, Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of the City History, House Museum. Lutsa, Children and DR. More than 11% of the city’s territory is occupied by the parks, and the picturesque valley of the Emoi River and the hilly plain adjacent to it provide excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.

From Tartu you can visit the most famous places of South Estonia – Popular Resort Center Odea (www.Tourism.EE / OTEPAA) with the Odeaeee Church (1860 g.) – Mesal "Birth" National Flag, Võru (www.Werro.EE) with his "Solovyov valley", Valga (www.Valga.EE) with its oval church of St. John and Mausoleum Barclay de Tolly, quiet Wiljandi (www.Viljandi.EE) with the ruins of the castle of the Crusader, as well as a small Dust with church 1432 g. and interesting peasant museum.

Reviews and studies of trips

Tartu, the second largest in Estonia

Tartu met me warm for November the weather and these streets. As in the overwhelming majority of the cities of the Baltic States, the time here flows very slowly and slowly. Read more →

OLADUH1 | November 2012

Cities of Estonia Tartu

Estonia. Tartu

In Tartu we drove mainly on family matters. But even looked at something. And take a picture. Let’s start with the ruins of the Dome Cathedral. Read more →

Major p | December 2016


The city has shown himself with a typical European side – glowing advertising neat shopping centers, glass office buildings, smooth pavement tiles, cleanliness and order. Read more →

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