Cities of Estonia: Narva

Often tourists, following Tallinn, only the transit is passing this city. But it is much more interesting to combine the trip to Tallinn with a visit to the Ivangorod and Narva fortresses. Ivangorod bus station is no more than 200 meters from the border with Estonia bridge across the Narva River. Right from the bus station perfectly visible both majestic fortresses. Border transition does not take much time. Estonian border control is located on one side of the river, to the left of the Narva Castle, and the our – on the opposite side of the bridge, slightly away from the IVganorod fortress.

Reviews and studies of trips

Sillamäe – Estonian city 25 km from Narva

On the way to Tallinn, you will definitely drive through this town – Tallinn-Narva-Saint Petersburg route is held through it. But almost no one comes here. Read more →

Ta Samaya | Winter 2015

Cities of Estonia Narva

Narva. Walking across the border

Ivangorod and Narva are at a distance of one bridge from each other. On the bridge, actually there is a borderline. Including pedestrian (only in the Leningrad region). They use it. Read more →

MBLwahdria | spring 2013

January Estonia

Those who do not want to warm up greedy before the New Year’s superfits of carriers and hotelians, I strongly advise the Baltic States. Our New Year’s trip 2012 began in Estonia read more →

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