Cities of Estonia: Kuressaare

Kuressaare (www.Saaremaa.EE / KURESSAARE), the center of Saaremaa Island, originated in XIV. as a castle-fortress, and by the middle of the XVI in. Already the famous port and shopping center.

Nowadays, the city is known far beyond the country with its Episcopal castle – the only fully preserved (and largest) medieval castle in the Baltic countries. This is a square facility (42 x 42.5 m.) It was built for almost 100 years and inspires respect for its almost 40-meter 7-storey watchdog towers and powerful bastions. The castle is located Saaremaa Museum and Art Gallery.

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Estonia. Kuressaare

Go to the capital of the Estonian Islands of Saaremaa – the city of Kuressaare I planned a long time ago. Having learned that the aircraft fly from Tallinn on Saaremaa, I decided that it was the aircraft that the most appropriate type of transport. Read more →

Cities of Estonia Kuressaare

avtolit | March 2014

Kuressaare (Saaremaa) – Tallinn on JetStream-31

I decided to fly from Tallinn to the island of Saaremaa and back at the 19-seater JetStream-31. Historically, flights on Saaremaa Dotational – for each flight of the island of the island pays airline 2000€ Read more →

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