Cities of El Salvador: Suchitoto

Town Suchitoto ("City of birds and colors" In Naiathl language) lies in the middle of an idyllic-beautiful countryside in 18 km east of Aguilares, on the very shore of the beautiful Lake Lago de Suchitlan.

The city is often referred to as the most beautiful colonial city in the country, and for this there are certain foundations – it was here that in 1528 the first capital of the region was founded – Villa-San Salvador (San Salvador-Ciudad Vieha) was founded, it was here for the first time characterized at home with Tiled roofs and forged lattices, typical Spanish churches and trees. Today, Suchitoto is clearly experiencing the period of the Renaissance, which contributes to the status of the national section of the cultural heritage obtained in 1997.

Here you can see some of the best samples of the country’s colonial architecture – intensively restored Cathedral of Iglesia-Santa Lucia with an excellent wooden altar, the Theater de Las Ruinas, an excellent Art Museum of Museo de Don Alejandro Cotto ($ 3.5) in the building of the restored colonial The mansion, the building of the Cultural Center, Casa de Culture (open from Monday to Friday; Self-free entrance) with an extensive collection in local history and geography, shady Park-San Martin with a staggering view of the green waters of Lamago Lami-de -Suchitlan, as well as dozens of old houses and crucified streets, literally impregnated with the spirit of history.

8 km from Suchitoto, the dilapidated quarters of San Salvador Ciudad Vieha – the first capital of the country founded in 1528 and today is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country.

Cities of El Salvador Suchitoto

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Suchitoto – the place of birds and colors

Quiet, peaceful idyll, on the high shores of Lake Suchitlan, formed by the dam on the LEMPA River, only sometimes disrupted the hype. However, the same peaceful, as well as everyday life. Read more →

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